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What sets the standard definition of Nakedness?

The Bible


What does Ex. 28:42, Is. 20:2, Is. 47:1-3, Jer. 13:2, and Jer. 13:22 show about the definition of nakedness?

The portion of the leg from the knee to the hip.


When God “designed” clothes in Genesis what did He make?

Coats of Skins


When God designed clothes for the Priests what did He cover them with?

1. Breastplate
2. Ephod
3. Robe
4. Broided Coat
5. Mitre
6. Girdle


When God became incarnate what does Edersheim show Christ wore while on earth?

He wore the Greek ‘Chiton’ which corresponds to the Hebrew ‘Kethoneth’, showing he wore robes that descended to His feet.


What type of clothes will we wear in Heaven?

A White Robe


What is the biblical definition of modesty in 1 Timothy 2:9?

Katastole (apparel)


Is the term used in 1 Timothy 2:9 the more general term for clothing, “apparel” or “array”?

Katastole is NOT the more general term.


Do women have to wear garments to the ankles according to 1 Timothy 2:9?

No; the garment should just at least cover the thigh.


Are there any non-apostolic authors that agree with apostolic definitions of modesty drawn Scripture?



Why is it important to know what Adam Clarke, Vine’s Expository Dictionary, John Gill, Tertullian, Smith’s Bible Dictionary, and others have said about the biblical definition of holiness?

It shows that holiness is not something just made up by apostolics, and that history reveals everyone used to practice the same beliefs.


What do men do with garments that women do not?

Gird up their Loins


What does it mean to “gird up your loins”?

Transform the robe into a closer fitting, less cumbersome garment by bringing the back hem of his robe between his legs and tucking it in his waistband.


Where was the biggest attack of modesty in dress fought in American culture?

On the Beaches