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How was hitler different to others

He was very powerful in his speeches
Veteran of ww1
He hated Jews and blamed them for most of his problems in the world


How did the treaty of Versailles make the nazis popular

It was very harsh on Germany and hitler highlighted that
He broke the rules of the treaty
Lots of people agreed with his opinion it was very harsh


How did hitler use propaganda

He was in newspapers on the radio and went in talkies through the streets
News from the nazis was broadcast before films


Why was the Wall Street crash so badly effective on Germany

America had lent huge sums of money to European countries like Germany and when the market collapsed they suddenly recalled all those loans.
without money many people starved. People would have backed hitler in this situation as he said he could get them out of the depression


How did the SA make hitler so popular

They provided protection for nazi rallies and assemblies, they disrupted other party meetings so it seems hitler was doing more, they also intimidated Jews which may have made people feel more nationalistic as German people were treat with respect


What were the main cause if why the nazis became so popular

Treaty of Versailles
Hitler himself
Use of propaganda
The Wall Street crash
The SA