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What did Britain do to stop the rearmament

Nothing, they were only worried about Russia, they thaught a strong Germany May help to protect Europe


What agressive move did hitler do in 1936

He ordered nazi troops to march into the Rhineland


What did countries do to stop hitler putting his troops in the Rhineland

Nothing, they thaught it was acceptable to break the treaty rules, because they were only putting troops in their land


Hitler wanted to unite Austria and Germany so then he sent troops into Austria and demanded the Austria leader to hold a vote for unification, he made sure it was rigged so 99% voted for austia to unite.

What did Britain France and Italy do to help when the Austrian leader asked

Nothing they didn't want to provoke hitler and risk another world war when hitler had promised that all he wanted was peace


In 1938 hitler demanded another peace of land the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia.

What did the British prime minister do because of this

Neville chamberlain went to see hitler 3 times, he said he could have the Sudetenland but promise to not take over Czechoslovakia, Chamberlain told the British that the agreement had prevented war


What happened in March 1939 and what did Britain and France do about this

German troops took over Czechoslovakia and Britain and France did nothing to help them, but Poland was clearly a next target for hitler and Britain and France had promised to protect Poland


Germany and Russia signed a pact that promised they would fight each other but divide Poland between themselves. Hitler demanded the parts of Poland that had been taken away by the treaty of Versailles Poland refused an hitler invaded

What did Britain and France do

On 3 September 1939 Britain and grace declared war on Germany but they did not send soldiers into Poland


What did hitler do as soon as he came into power

He started a rearmament


What was the policy of appeasement

allowing hitler to break the rules of the treaty of Versailles in order to prevent war


Name examples of appeasement being understandable

Germany were treaty to harshly in the treaty of Versailles
By giving hitler what he wanted Britain had more time to build up its army
People were against war and would do anything to stop another war happening


Name 3 examples of appeasement being a mistake

Germany was growing stronger so would be more difficult to defeat
Hitler had clear plans to conquer Eastern Europe
When Britain let hitler get away with things he USSR got scared so started thinking about making an alliance with Germany