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How did Women influence nursing

the traditional role for women used to be wife, mother, daughter, and sister. The nurturing role of women in these roles is similar to nursing being about nurturing


How did religion influence nursing

christianities value of love thy neighbor and Good Samaritan had a significant impact on the development of western nursing


What are some examples of religions impact on nursing

fabiola, a wealthy matron of the roman empire, used her wealth to create houses of caring and healing
the crusades: Knights of saint Lazarus, Saint John, and the teutonic knights


The orders in the crusades are an example of what in nursing and what did they contribute to nursing

males in nursing
they built hospitals and the administration of them set the administration standards of hospitals in europe


Who are some people that contributed to nursing in wars

sojourner truth and harriet tubman helped slaves in the underground railroad during the civil war
Dorothea Dix- superintendent of nurses working in army hospitals


What progress in health care increased in WWI

anesthetic agents
blood typing