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What is the holistic definition of health?

health is holistically defines as a state of complete physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity within a cultural context


What is public health?

Public health helps people that are healthy and protects them from threats to their health in all sorts of ways. A public health approach to health recognises effect of an individuals interaction with their own social environment


What is inequality?

refers largely to unavoidable differences between groups


What is inequity?

that which is avoidable, unfair or unjust


What is health promotion?

A range of activities and interventions to enable people to take greater control over their health and improve it. Activities can be directed at individuals, families, communities or whole populations.


What is health education?

Involves activities to facilitate health related learning and behaviour change.


What is a public health approach?

Involves activities based on a biomedical (focus on physical disease) understanding of health, focused on the identification of health related needs and population based actions such as immunisation and screening.


What is global health?

Worldwide improvement of health, reduction of inequalities and protection against global threats that disregard national borders.


What is the Ottawa charter?

It highlights conditions and resources required for health and identifies key actions and strategies for achieving WHOs health for all vision.


Name 5 approaches to health promotion

medical or preventative
behaviour change
social change


Whta is a holistic model?

A holistic model acknowledges different dimensions of health and how they interact with each other


What is physical health?

Not being ill


What is mental health?

Belief in ones own worth a positive sense of purpose. The ability to think clearly and coherently.


What is emotional health?

The ability to feel, recognise and give a voice to feelings such as fear and joy. The ability to develop relationships.


What is social health?

the sense of having support from family and friends. being involved in activities with other people.


What is spiritual health?

the ability to put into practice moral or religious principles or beliefs. Feeling of having a higher purpose in life


What is sexual health?

The acceptance and ability to achieve a satisfactory expression of ones sexuality. A positive, respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations free of coercion, discrimination and violence


What does well being mean?

what makes a good life


What is disease?

Means uneasiness or discomfort. Existence of some abnormality capable of being detected e.g cancer, hypertension. Can be exogenous (outside the body)
or endogenous (inside the body


What is illness?

This is subjective, feelings or symptoms such as aches and pains. Disease normally causes illness. Disease can be diagnosed without any feelings of illness. Illness and disease coincide if symptoms and investigations diagnose disease.