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When should a risk assessment be carried out?

when there is a change in product, brand, treatment or equipment such as electrical's and any pregnant team members.


Why are risk assessments done?

to check the level of risk and how you would control the issue should it arise.


What is a hazard?

something with the potential to harm yourself or a member of staff.


What is a risk?

a risk is what could happen should there be a hazard around such as a slippy fall causing a person to slip over.


If something is broken, what do you need to do?

Remove said broken item out of the way and label it with the issue and the date and replace immediately.


Ideally, what 2 items should you have in your salon to keep your money and staff safe?

a safe and security cameras.


What is the importance of insurance?

to protect team members, yourself and the business as a whole (property and equipment/stock).


What issues can insurance help with? Name 3...

personal/staff/client injury, fire and water damage, theft of good, equipment and finances.


How often should should your products, equipment and tools be cleaned and sanitized?

between every client (2nd/3rd set of brushes and so on) and at the end of everyday preparing for the next day and clientele.


What kind of expiry do your products have?

typically between 6 and 12 months depending on the product type (liquid, mousse, powder etc)