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What level of Suits are CPC members trained in ? Can they perform Mitigation ?

They are trained and certified to operate in Level "A" and Level "B" CPC and can perform required decontamination.

However, they are neither trained
nor equipped to perform mitigation.
Sec 1.12


Howe many Level A CPC suits does a CPC Unit Carry?

These CPC Units shall carry:
Level "A" Chemical Protective Suits (6)
Sec 3.1


CPC Unit entries into a contaminated area require a coordinated team effort by at least how many CPC trained members ?? Does the Officer also need to be Trained ?

Five (5) CPC trained members: Entry (2), Backup (2), and Decon (1), under the proper
It is not necessary that all team members be from the same CPC Unit.
Sec 4.1
YES !! Officer must be CPC trained. Dispatcher will assign adequate units to ENSURE 5 FF's and 1 Officer responding
Sec 4.2


What needs to be established before entry can be made by a CPC unit ?

The necessary number of trained individuals must be assembled and a
DECON station must be established and STAFFED before entry is made and Backup Team in position.
Sec 4.1 and Sec 5.2.1


At an incident where a CPC unit has responded. Who will recommend to the IC the Entry Point into the Hot Zone ?
Where will the CPC Unit Assembly Area be ?

The 1st Arriving CPC Unit Officer will recommend to the IC the ENTRY POINT into
the Hot Zone and then establish the
CPC Unit Assembly Area ADJACENT to the entry point
Sec 5.1


The CPC Unit Officer shall not don a
chemical protective suit unless the situation indicates that a suit is required in order to
properly supervise the unit’s operation. Examples of this would be

The Entry team
Would not be in line of sight
Complex Entry team operation
Where the operation requires a Number of Entry teams.
Sec 5.1


Who establishes and Maintains an On Air Log at a CPC involved incident ?
Who Ensures a Decon station is set up and the Backup Team is ready before entry ?

CPC Officer
Sec 5.2.1


Who establishes a water supply for the devon station at a CPC involved incident ?

CPC Officer
Sec 5.4.1


The CPC Unit officer will establish or evaluate which of the Zones ?

Hot zone
Warm zone
Entry Point into zones
Sec 5.4.1


When Operating in the Hot Zone, The CPC Entry team MUST have 2 CPC trained Members. One of which Must be Radio Equipped. Agree or Disagree

BOTH Members Must be Radio Equipped
Sec 6.1


When Operating in the Hot Zone, it is not unusual for the CPC Entry members to split up so as to cover more ground when searching for victims. Agree or Disagree

They must work in close proximity of one another at all times (buddy system).
If one member must leave the operating zone the other team member must also leave.
Sec 6.1


If one of the CPC Entry
team members goes down for an UNKNOWN reason, the other team member must do what ??
A. Remain with Member and transmit a Mayday
B. Leave the downed member and haul ass out of there to insure notification is made to the Back-Up team.

Leave the
operating area to insure notification is made to the Back-up team for the need of an immediate rescue.
Sec 6.1


When the CPC back up team is activated. What is there sole purpose ? How long shall they operate for ?

The Back-up team will be performing only one
task, the removal of the downed member, and their operating time should be LESS THAN
that of the Entry team’s.
Sec 6.1


A single CPC Entry Team can handle the removal of How many victims ?

A single Entry
team will be able to handle removing ONE or TWO victims from the Hot Zone
Sec 9


At an incident where there are numerous ambulatory and/or non ambulatory victims. Who shall a CPC unit address first ?

At large incidents with multiple victims (3 or more), ambulatory victims should be addressed first.
These victims should be directed
to a predetermined CCP where they can be decontaminated
Sec 9.2
***CONFLICT ERP states CCP is in the Support Zone.
All DECON shall take place in the WARM Zone***
Sec 10.6.4


In areas of limited or no line of sight with the CPC Unit Officer, the Entry team
members shall give a detailed description of the areas they pass through and work in.
This will provide a visual mapping of the Hot Zone for the CPC Unit Officer and the
Back-up teams in cases where the Entry team requires assistance

Sec 6.2.1


Must consist of two CPC trained members dressed to the_____________ position in the appropriate level of CPC.

"standby position"*
Sec 7.1


CPC Standby position – Describe it

1. Both legs in suit
2. Outer boots and surgical gloves on
3. SCBA donned, cylinder OPENED, Facepiece ON, but Regulator "Disengaged" from facepiece
4.RIGHT arm in suit and
5. Identity tag in place.
Sec 7.2


If more than 2 CPC entry teams are expected to be put to work. What will the IC do ?

Note: The Incident Commander shall SPECIAL CALL a CPC Unit or Haz-Mat Technician Unit as a FAST unit to the scene
Sec 7.2


The Officer of the CPC Unit will Ensure the proper tools are assembled for the Back-Up team to perform a rescue of Entry Team Members
Agree or Disagree

The Back-up Team will Ensure this
• Ensure that needed tools and equipment are assembled to perform immediate rescue of Entry team members if needed
Sec 7.3.1


What is the Primary Function of the Decon Station according to the CPC Bulletin ?

The primary function of this station is to provide
immediate and adequate Decontamination to Entry Team Members
Sec 8.1


What is the Secondary Function of the Decon Station according to the CPC bulletin ?

As a secondary function, it can be used to decontaminate First Responders And/ Or
Civilians until FDNY shower units arrive on the scene
Sec 8.1


At the CPC Decon Station, the members operating shall wear what ?

Wear the appropriate level of
CPC for the material involved.
Sec 8.1


Can CPC Entry Team Members perform NST ?

Entry team members shall perform NST upon any unconscious victims
Sec 9.3


CPC Entry members Using the triage tags, any victim with no response to NST shall be tagged with what color tag ?

BLACK Tagged
Sec 9.3


CPC Entry Members when finding an Unconscious victim, who respond to NST, shall be

Removed to a Second predetermined CCP staffed by Haz-Tac Technicians
Sec 9.3