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Fire protection found at CNG filling stations ??

A. 20 pound dry chemical extinguishers.
B. Heat or ultraviolet fire detectors.
C. Automatic shut off for gas supply.
D. Manual shut off for gas supply. This valve is a typical 1/4 turn gas valve
and it is plainly marked.
E. Pressure relief device for storage tanks:
1. Fusible plug set for 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Burst disk set for 4700 PSI.
F. In addition Halon extinguishing systems or deluge water extinguishing
systems may be found on some systems
Sec 3.7.3


Flash Point ?
Flammable ?
Soluble ?
Heavier or Lighter than Air ?
How does it burn ?

4.2.1 Methanol is a highly volatile flammable liquid.
4.2.2 It has a flash point of 54 F.
4.2.3 It is soluble in water.
4.2.4 Methanol vapors are slightly heavier then air and will flow along the ground
collecting in low areas.
4.2.5 Methanol burns cleanly (little smoke) and its pale blue flame may be difficult to
see in bright sunlight.


Methanol is both an eye and skin irritant
Inhalation of vapor at high concentration can produce drunkenness, drowsiness,
blurred vision and unconsciousness or death.

The effects of methanol Exposure are immediate ?
Agree or Disagree

The effects of methanol exposure may be delayed 24 hours or longer.
Sec 4.3.3


On cool days when the ambient temperature is below the flash point of 54
degrees Fahrenheit the danger of fire and explosion is reduced and
delayed. It is important to keep the Methanol spill as cool as possible.
Agree or Disagree

Sec 4.4.1


What type of Foam is most effective ?

Methanol is destructive to ordinary foam.
Alcohol type foam MUST be


For small methanol fires what type of extinguisher can be used. What is most effective ?

For small fires Type B dry chemical extinguishers are adequate.
Purple K is the most effective of the dry chemical extinguishing agents
Sec 4.4.2


Application of large amounts of water will dilute the Methanol rendering
it non-flammable. The concentration of methanol must be reduced below ??

20% to be effective. Adequate water supply must be available. Run-off
should be contained by diking or other means to prevent entry into sewers
and to assist in the dilution
Sec 4.4.2


If a pipe is leaking gas, never allow the fire to be extinguished.
T/F ?

Except under extremely unusual circumstances.
Sec 1.4.1


When approaching a methanol spill, do so downwind

Sec 4.4.1


What is the flash point of methanol ?

54 degrees
Sec 4.2.2