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what is hassidism and who founded it?

The Hassidim or Chasidim is a Jewish religious movement. it is described as a sect of judaism, propagated through the work of Baal Shem Tov


what are some of the beliefs and practices of Hassidism?

-strict devotion to the commandments of the torah
-encourages a means of becoming closer to god through; dance, song, and drink
-gods presence is found in all conceptual and physical elements of the world ----> stresses the importance of devekut, "clinging to god"
-one must serve god in his/her every deed


what does omnipresent mean?

omnipresent refers to the ability to exist everywhere simultaneously and to be always present: it is a characteristic (omnipresence) often attributed to god in hassdic judaism


what does pantheism mean?

pantheism is the notion that the physical world acts as a manifestation (visible representation) of god


what does devekut mean?

a devekut refers to a communion with god, or relationship with god


what does pogram refer to?

a pogram is the systematic killing of jews, described as a mass killing or genocide


when was hassidism roughly established?

late 18th century


who were the mitnagdim?

the mitnagdim were known as "the opponents" to hassidic judaism


what is a rebbe?

a rebbe is a leader pf a congregation of jewish people, similar to a member of the clergy in a christian church. these indivuals often turn away from traditional views on religion such as the legalistic point of view but much rather emphasise spirtual and mystical beahviours


what does Baal Shem Tov mean?

"Master of the Good Name"


what is theology?

theology is the systematic study of the nature of god, and of God's relationship with people and the world


what were some characteristics of Baal Shem Tov?

-he was charismatic and described as a healer who healed with potions and apocheraphy

-a man of extroidinary sincerity and simplicity who new how to gain insight into the spiritual needs of the masses


where does the word hassidism come from?

it comes from the hebrew word for "pious" meaning "devolty religious"


what is the other name for the Baal Shem Tov?

The title of Besht


what are the differences between chasidic jews and traditional jews?

- chadisic jews believe strongly in the immance and omnipresence of god, while traditional jews see god as more of a trancendental figure

-chasidic jews strongly encourage the purity of heart and the companionship between god and the believer, with their prayers origininating from the heart, while traditional jews support the legalistic portion of judaism which insist the believer be fully versed in jewish sacred text and writings (SPIRITUAL VS LEGALISTIC)


what are the contributions made by Hassidism to the tradition of Judaism?

-changed perceptions in society based upon strict legalistic approaches to faith including being fully versed in scripture which was not what people wanted at the time

-gave rise to the ideological focus on 'devekut', this idea of clinging to god and having this unbreakable bond between adherents and their god