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2.1 Levels of decision-making within the Grievance Procedure are as follows:

Informal/formal stage - No lower than WM
Appeal stage - No lower than SM
2.2 Any further appeal on ‘serious’ issues will be heard at brigade manager/head of service level.


How long before a grievance should formally be heard once received in writing?

7 days


How long after the formal hearing will a written result on the grievance be given?

7 days


How long does an employee have to appeal a grievance result?

7 days


How long after an appeal request will a grievance appeal be heard?

Within 7 days


How long after an appeal hearing will a written grievance appeal result be given to the employee?

7 days


If a grievance is raised regarding a management decision, how long does the employee have to raise it?

Within 3 months of the decision causing the grievance


It is important, and in the interests of both parties, to keep written records during the grievance process4. Records should include:

• The nature of the grievance raised.
• A copy of the written grievance.
• The manager’s response.
• Action taken.
• Reasons for action taken.
• Whether there was an appeal and, if so, the outcome.
• Subsequent developments.


Individuals also have the right to raise very serious grievances under the provisions of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998. This Act provides protection

to employees who raise concerns about certain kinds of wrongdoing in accordance with its procedures. Such complaints should be raised under the Brigade’s Confidential Reporting (“whistleblowing”) policy, PN569


Informal stage 1

Employees should be informed that if they have a grievance relating to their employment they should discuss it with their line manager.


Formal stage

If the employee is not satisfied with the reply they may proceed to the next stage. At this stage the grievance must be set out in writing1.
The line manager should hear the grievance within seven days.
Where the decision that gave rise to the grievance was made at a higher level, the grievance will initially be heard at that level. The employee will be given a written decision with reasons within seven days, explaining the decision


Appeal stage

If the employee remains dissatisfied with the decision they may appeal within seven days in writing. This appeal should be heard within seven days by the next highest level of management who have the authority to review and change the original decision. Their decision with reasons must also be in writing. The employee will be given a written decision with reasons within seven days explaining the decision.

If the employee is dissatisfied with the decision of the Appeal described at paragraph 4 and the issue has been identified as being one of a serious nature then the grievance shall be reviewed at the corporate level appropriate to the issue


Time limits

The time limits referred to above may be varied by mutual agreement.


Grievances should be raised within

3 months of the management decision causing the grievance, unless otherwise agreed.