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What was the aim of Grant et al.'s study?

To investigate context dependent memory effects on both recall and recognition.


What research design and research method was used?

Independent measures design and lab experiment.


Outline the participants.

39 participants recorded (originally 40 but one excluded due to anomalous results).


What were the test conditions for the experiment?

There were 4 test conditions for this experiment - Silent-Silent, Silent-Noisy, Noisy-Noisy, Noisy-Silent.


How was the noisy condition regulated for everyone?

Each participant wore headphones with moderately loud background noise (if they were in the noisy condition - no noise if they were in silent).


What was the article the participants read from about?



Outline the procedure.

-Participants read the article once (allowed to highlight)
-Lasted approximately 30 minutes
-2 minute break after reading article
-Participants then completed SAQ's (/10) and then MCQ's (/16)
-Participants then debriefed


What were the results of the short-answer test?

In the silent-silent condition, the average score was 6.7, whereas in the silent-noisy condition, the average score was 4.6. In the noisy-silent condition, the average score was 5.4, whereas in the noisy-noisy condition, the average score was 6.2.


What were the results of the multiple choice test?

In the matching conditions the average score was 14.3/16, and in the mismatching conditions the average score was 12.7/16.


What do these results conclude? What does this mean in the real world for exams?

These results conclude that people find it easier to recall information if they recall it in the same conditions they studied in - it is better to revise in silent conditions as it is silent in exams.