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What is a co processor?

- A is an additional processor used to supplement the functions of the primary processor. It is designed to perform a specific task.


What is the purpose of a co-processor?

- To improve the overall performance by executing conncurently with, and reducing the load on, the main processor.


What are co processors designed for?

- Designed to complete a specific task quickly, as oposed to the primary processor which is a general prupose processor to perform a range of general tasks.


List four points about co-processors

- They work in tandem with the CPU to render graphics.
- Have a large number of parallel processors.
- Not well suited to general multitasking duties performed by the CPU.
- Good at performing simpler operations on larger datasets.


What does GPU stand for?

- Graphics Processsing unit, a programmable processor specialised for rendering all images on the computer's screen.