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How much time must a crew member wait to accept a duty assignment after donating blood?





72 hours.





What items must be included in the safety briefing?


  1. A statement that the FARs require passenger compliance with lighted signs, posted placards, and crewmember instructions
  2. Areas designated as non-smoking
  3. Safety belt instruction
  4. Seat backs to the full upright position for takeoff and landing
  5. Aircraft exits, location, and instructions
  6. Survival equipment location
  7. Flotation equipment location
  8. Normal and emergency use of oxygen
  9. Fire extinguishers location and instruction
  10. Stowage instructions for large electronic devices and all devices are set to "airplane mode"
  11. Instructions to read the provided briefing cards
  12. HAZMAT/TSA requirements
  13. Any additional items required for the mission





May seat belt extenders be used in conjunction with child restraint systems?










What restrictions apply to the carriage of cargo by passengers?





  1. Must be carried in an approved cargo rack, bin, or compartment
  2. It must be secured by approved means





When a new medical is due, when day of the month must it be submitted to the company by?





The 25th day of the due month.





What three options do we have for verifying ID? (7.18.2.b)


  1. Current (not expired) government-issued photo ID
  2. Current (not expired) government-issued non-photo ID and a second current (not expired) photo ID (non-government)
  3. A current (not expired) Company (XOJET ONLY) photo ID





Is adding another passenger a pre or post block out delay?





It's considered a pre-block out delay. The door must remain open.





How long must you abstain from consuming alcohol after an accident/incident?





8 hours





How many infant life vests must be on board on over water flights?





One for every child under 35 lbs.





What is the procedure for "hot deplaning"?


  1. Shut down the left engine
  2. Advise the passengers that the right engine is still running
  3. Captain remains at the controls with the beacon on and the brake set while the co-pilot deplanes the passengers
  4. Co-pilot escorts the passengers safely away from the aircraft
  5. Once the co-pilot has performed their duties, they will verify that the area is clear and coordinate chock removal with the captain
  6. Co-pilot will close the door and coordinate with the captain about starting the left engine





How is "End of Day RZO" defined?





A duty assignment that begins between 0201-0359LR, or extends through or beyond 0200-0559LR.





What criteria must someone carrying a weapon onboard comply with?


Must be:

  1. A federal law enforcement officer
  2. A Full-time municipal, county, or state law enforcement officer
  3. Sworn and commissioned to enforce criminal or immigration statutes
  4. Authorized by their employer to carry a weapon
  5. Has completed the training program "Law Enforcement Officers Flying Armed"





What HAZMAT related events require the submission of a captain's report?




  1. Discovery or release of any HAZMAT onboard
  2. Fluid spill of a corrosive nature during aircraft servicing
  3.  Fuel spills





How much notice must the company give if they are going to extend your rest?





At least one hour prior to the start of the next designated duty period.





What restrictions apply to co-pilots with less than 100 hours PIC in type?



  1. No less than standard takeoff minimums
  2. No less than 1sm or 5000RVR for landings
  3. No contaminated runways
  4. No braking actions less than good
  5. No more than 15 knot crosswinds
  6. Not flying if windshear reported
  7. Not flying into/out of Level 3 Special Airports
  8. Any other condition the PIC deems prudent





What environmental related events require the submission of a captain's report?



  1. Bird or wildlife strike
  2. Lighting strike
  3. Hail encounter or damage
  4. Severe turbulence
  5. Wind shear that requires a go-around
  6. Laser strike





What is the standard report time after maintenance is completed?





  1. 1.5 hours
  2. 2 hours if maintenance is considered "heavy"





What seat must a child restraint system be installed? (7.22.a)




A forward facing seat.





What is the purpose of a captain's report?





To report an event in which an operational interruption or a safety or other issue is experienced that may affect the quality of service.





What procedure must be followed when removing passengers from the manifest?





  1. Update passenger count in FOS
  2. Call Customer Service (SOC Phone Tree #1)





May cargo be carried without the owner being onboard?





Yes, but only if it is required to return to the owner or a location from which it can be shipped.





How must ammunition be transported onboard company aircraft?





Must be transported in checked baggage and securely stored in boxes or other packaging specifically designed to carry ammunition.





Under what conditions may a crew member leave their duty station?





  1. For physiological reasons
  2. To brief passengers
  3. For operational reasons





What equipment related events require the submission of a captain's report?


  1. An inflight engine shut down, flame out, or loss of thrust
  2. Engine or APU fire, fire warning, or extinguisher activation
  3. Any smoke, vapor, or noxious fumes in the cockpit or cabin
  4. Inflight failure of a hydraulic system
  5. Use of emergency braking or alternate gear extension
  6. Brake system failure
  7. Flight control failure or malfunction
  8. Inflight failure of electrical system that results in the use of an alternate system
  9. Pressurization system, any configuration errors, or systems failures resulting in a loss of cabin pressure
  10. Stall warning indication
  11. Loss of 50% of aircraft EFIS display





What procedure must be followed when additional passengers want to board?





Call Customer Service (SOC Phone Tree #1)





How is a CSE score of "green" defined?





Well rested, fit for duty after 10 hours rest.





May an employee refuse to submit to an alcohol or drug test?










Are armed LEOs allowed to consume alcohol onboard?










May illegal narcotics, stimulants or depressants, or marijuana be knowingly transported on company aircraft?





Absolutely not.


Why is this even a flash card?





What is the minimum altitude for autopilot use on an ILS approach?





50 ft AGL or the maximum altitude loss specified in the AFM, whichever is greater.