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If a wheelchair/mobility aid has a removable lithium ion battery, where must it be stored?





Carry on baggage, cannot exceed 300 Watt-hr (Wh)





What personal exemptions exist for HAZMAT carriage?


1. Non-radioactive medicinal or toiletry items

2. Any division 2.2 aerosol with a protective cap (checked baggage only)

3. No more than 2 kg or 2L per person

4. Each container must not exceed 0.5 kg or 500mL

5. One self defense spray, not to exceed 4 oz, equipped with a positive way to prevent accidental discharge (checked baggage only)





What kind of wheelchair batteries may be accepted? (3.5.4.b)




Spillable, non-spillable, and lithium ion.





Is XOJET approved to carry HM COMAT (Hazardous Material Company Material)?




No. With one exception: A tire assembly with a serviceable tire that is inflated at or below it's rated pressure and protected from damage.





What storage condition is true of all wheelchair batteries?



1. Battery must be disconnected

2. Terminal and end cables are insulated

3. Battery must be securely attached to the wheelchair

4. A successful visual inspection must be completed





What additional condition must be met for the transport of a spillable battery?





Must be loaded, stowed, secured, and unloaded in an upright position.





When a battery is removed, what storage conditions must be met?



1. Packaging must be leak tight

2. Battery must be protected against short circuits

3. Battery must be stored upright

4. Must be packed with enough material to absorb the liquid contents in the event of a leak

5. Must be labeled "CORROSIVE"





Is XOJET approved to carry HAZMAT?










Who may remove a battery from a wheelchair/mobility device?





Qualified airline personnel.





What are examples of "hidden shipment indicators"?



  1. Aircraft Parts/COMAT
  2. Automotive Parts
  3. Breathing Apparatus/SCUBA
  4. Bull (or other animal) Semen (yes, seriously)
  5. Camping Equipment
  6. Chemicals
  7. Cryogenic (Liquid)
  8. Cylinders
  9. Dental Apparatus
  10. Electrical Equipment
  11. Electrically Powered
  12. Frozen Fruits/Vegetables
  13. Household Goods
  14. Instruments
  15. Laboratory/Testing
  16. Machinery Parts
  17. Medical Supplies/Equipment (Test Kits)
  18. Pharmaceuticals 
  19. Photo Supplies
  20. Refrigerators
  21. Repair Kits
  22. Samples for Testing
  23. Swimming Pool Supplies
  24. Switches in Electrical Equipment or Instrument
  25. Tear Gas Dispensers
  26. Toys
  27. Tool Boxes
  28. Vaccines