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How long is an RTS/Airworthiness release valid for? (2.9.e)




Until superseded by the next MX event, requiring a new RTS/Airworthiness release.





What is the definition of a Maintenance Check Flight? (2.15.1.a)




A flight for performing an operational check of safety critical items.





If a Maintenance Check/Confidence Flight requires a specific procedure or checklist that deviates from normal procedures, what is required?





A CPO release.





Who is responsible to ensure the required forms and documents are in the binder?





It's a joint responsibility between MXC and the PIC





How is an "unairworthy item" defined?




An item that:

1. Affects an aircraft's conformance to it's type certificate design.

2. Affects an aircraft's safe operation





How is an "NEF (Non-Essential Furnishing)" item defined?





Items installed on the aircraft as part of the original certification, STC, or engineering order that have no effect on the safe operation of flight.





How is a "Carry-Over" item defined?


Covers items not listed in the MEL/NEF/CDL. Includes but is not limited to:

1. Dents and cracks that are "in limits"

2. Removal or repair of optional equipment

3. Fuel leaks that are "in limits"

4. Approved interim repairs

5. An out of currency navigation database





After which MX events will a Maintenance Check Flight be performed?



1. Engine Change

2. Primary flight control surface installation or rigging

3. Major structural repair

4. Replacement of actuators that power primary flight controls





Can MEL categories B or C be extended?










What information does the Form 108: Aircraft Status Sheet contain?




Current maintenance inspection status information.

1. Date - First calendar item coming due

2. Hour - First time controlled item coming due.

3. Cycle - First cycle item coming due





How long does the form 130 need to remain on the aircraft?





30 days after the last sign off.





Can MEL categories A or D be extended?










Who may clear a discrepancy?




1. Company Authorized Personnel (approved mechanics)

2. PIC may clear info-only





Where are Airworthiness Directives denoted?





Form 108: Aircraft Status Sheet





What contents are found in the black binder?


1. Form 106: VOR Check

2. Form 108: Aircraft Status Sheet

3. Form 130: Discrepancy Log and Instructions

4. Form 140: Condition Log and Instructions

5. Form 502: RTS Release

6. Form 503: Airworthiness Release

7. Empty weight and CG determination

8. Radio station authorization

9. MEL/NEF/CDL Placards





How is an "Info Only" item defined?





An item written for informational purposes and the information does not indicate an unairworthy condition exists.





Can NEF categories D or R be extended?










What is the definition of a Maintenance Confidence Flight?





A flight for performing an operational or functional check of non-critical systems.





When may a new Form 130/140 be initiated?





At any time all items are closed and the maintenance copy will be retained with the aircraft permanent records.





Can CDL items be extended?










How is an "CDL (Configuration Deviation List)" item defined?





Secondary airframe parts. Any external parts of an aircraft type which may be missing at the commencement of a flight.





Must the RTS/Airworthiness Release be signed by authorized personnel?










What form must the AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual) be in? (2.2.2.)




Official paper or digitized.





Which maintenance manuals must be on board? (2.2.3.)









When may the white copy be removed from the Form 130/140?





When all items on the page are complete.





What personnel requirements must be met for a Maintenance Check/Confidence Flight?





1. Only required crew and persons essential to the tests being conducted

2. No passengers or cargo





How is an "MEL (Minimum Equipment List)" item defined?





An item that permits aircraft continued use with these items inoperative, damaged, or removed.





What meteorological conditions need to be present to perform a Maintenance Check Flight?





Daytime, VMC.





What steps must be taken if the Navigation Database is found to be out of date?


1. Notify MXC to get Carry-Over approval

2. Document discrepancy in Form 140

3. All navaids must be independently verified

4. Aeronautical charts must be current

5. Approach navaids are manually tuned and identified

6. Nav database may only be used for en route and terminal navigation

7. Database must be updated within 10 days of write-up

8. Place a placard of the affected navigation database on the PIC's side panel





What items does the PIC need to check to verify airworthiness?


1. Review Forms 130 and 140

2. Ensure the proposed flight doesn't exceed any MEL/CDL/NEF or Carry-Over limitations

3. Verify no open discrepancies

4. Review Form 106: VOR Check

5. Review Form 108: Aircraft Status Sheet

6. Review Form 503: Airworthiness Release

7. Verify aircraft is RVSM Authorized