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If a passenger travelling internationally is under 18 years of age and one or both parents aren't present, what documentation must they have?




  1. A notorized letter from the absent parent
  2. If traveling alone, have a notarized letter from both parents
  3. For single parent/guardian, proof of single custody of child
  4. For emancipated adults, proof of legality





What must be done with regulated garbage?





It will be removed from the aircraft and taken to the instructed location.





For extended overwater flights where no alternate is available, how much fuel must be carried?





  1. Standard IFR fuel minimums OR
  2. Enough fuel to fly from the departure airport to the desination airport and for an additional two hours at normal crusing speed.





How far in advance will U.S. CBP be contacted for flights returning to the U.S.?





2 to 24 hours in advance.





What must be computed on all extended overwater flights where no alternate is available?





A point of safe return (PSR).





What documents will flight crews carry when traveling abroad?




  1. Extra copies of of their pilot certificates, medicals, passports, and other pertinent documents
  2. Immunization records
  3. Extra passport photos in the event another visa  is required





How is a Gross Navigational Error (GNE) defined?





Navigation errors of 25 NM or more while operating in oceanic airspace. 10 NM on the NAT HLA.





What documents must be included in the trip package that gets mailed in post flight?




  1. Flight Plan/Master Document
  2. Weather
  4. Itenerary Package
  5. Completed plotting chart





What sources can we use to determine whether we need a visa to travel to a certain country?




  1. Jeppesen Airway Manual/Entry Requirements/State Rules and Procedures
  2. US State Department website
  3. XOJET International Trip Planning (ITP)





What is the maximum ETOPS time XOJET can use?





180 minutes





How many months before expiration will a new passport be ordered?





9 months.





What HF radio tests must be completed before "coast out" on a Class II trip?




  1. Primary and secondary frequencies from the telephone numbers on the appropriate enroute chart
  2. SELCAL check





When a flight level change must occur due to a deviation while in oceanic airspace, what altitude change rules must be observed?




  1. Eastbound (000° - 179°)
    1. Deviating North (left) - Descend 300 ft
    2. Deviating South (right)  - Climb 300 ft
  2. Westbound (180° - 359°)
    1. Deviating North (right) - Descend 300 ft
    2. Deviating South (left) - Climb 300 ft






How is "regulated garbage" defined?





All waste derived from food, including all packaging.





How many times may we use the same plotting charts?





Twice, as long as it's the same trip number.





What procedures must be observed when "coasting in"?




  1. Set the frequency of the first landfall navaid approximately 250 miles out
  2. When radar contact is established, make a notation on the plotting chart with the time





What restrictions apply when using SLOP?



Flight crews may fly:

  1. On centerline track
  2. 1 NM right of track
  3. 2 NM right of track
  4. Offsets left of track not authorized





Where can you get a "time hack" for the GPS?





  1. Via the GPS
  2. Via HF radio frequencies; 2500, 5000, 10000, 15000, and 20000 (AM/SSB)





Will a plotting chart be used on all Class II flights?










What Equal Time Points (ETPs) will be computed on all overwater flights exceeding 3 hours?




  1. Medical-enroute cruise
  2. One engine inop
  3. Depressurization





Must all outbound GENDECs be stamped?










What offset should be initiated if an aircraft is unable to maintain it's assigned route or flight level?





  1. 15 NM lateral offset
  2. Climb or descend by 500 ft if in RVSM
  3. Climb or descend by 1000 ft if above RVSM





What transponder procedure will be followed when coasting out in the Pacific?





Switch to Code 2000.





If an operator doesn't have a Border Overflight Exemption (BOE), what must occur when entering the U.S. from an international location?





The aircraft must land and clear customs at the first available airport in the U.S.





Who must the trip package be sent to after the completion of a Class II flight?





The training department.





How much distance must we maintain from sand storms?





At least 20-30 miles.





If deviating for weather in Oceanic airspace and an aircraft is unable to recieve an updated ATC clearance, what procedure should be observed?



  1. Deviate away from the organized track
  2. Establish communications on 121.5 to make aircraft in the area aware of your intentions
  3. Watch for conflicting traffic both visually and on TCAS
  4. Turn on all exterior lighting
  5. Deviations <10 NM, stay at assigned altitude
  6. Deviations >10 NM, climb/descend by 300 ft





What transponder procedures should be followed when operating in oceanic airspace?





  1. Code 2000 in all directions
  2. Code 2100 prior to entering Bermuda TMA
  3. Retain your last assigned code for 30 minutes after entering Atlantic airspace





How much fuel do One Engine Inop and Depressurization ETPs require?





Enough fuel to reach a suitable en route alternate ariport with a 30 minute fuel reserve to avoid a wet footprint.





What is the best way to check a correct present position on the FMS?





Compare the FMS's present position to the parking diagram.