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Types of Expat Assignment

- Teacher
- Problem Solver
- Country Expert
- Technical Expert
- Multi Country Leader


Expatriate success predictors

- self orientation
- others orientation
- perceptual ability
- cultural toughness
- language ability/family situation


Stages of Adjustment W Curve

Orientation program:
- Pre departure briefing
- on arrival orientation
- preparation for home

Adjustment stages:
honeymoon stage
disintegration stage
reintegration stage
autonomy stage
independence stage


Phases of Transition into new role

1: Introduction (Incumbents responsibilities high)
2: Participation (new expat same responsibilities as Incumbents)
3: Ownership
(new expat full responibility)


Reasons why expatriate assignments are being replaced with other global staffing strategies (name 3)

1) Talent Pool in countries around the world is increasing
2) It is more expensive to send people overseas because of additional salary/costs/benefits
3) Assignments takes heavy toll on families
4) Once employee adjusted, they might want to stay there
5) technological advances have allowed for work to be accomplished remotley decreasing need for expatriate assignment


Where expats earn the highest salary

mumbai, san fran, zurick


Multiculturalism in companies (L'Oreal Case)

- combining the need for economies of scale but also the local responsiveness to reach global competitivness
- to understand cultural differences and develop different products for different markets L'Oreal changed from a very french orientated HR to a multicultural HR.
--> new product opportunities
--> preventing losses in translation
-->Integrationg outsiders
--> mediating with bosses
--> Bridging differences between subsidiaries and headquarters