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- Grow out of the interaction between the client and the therapist. they emerge within this dialogic process.
- The very cornerstone of experimental learning.
- A experiment is not a technique that is performed with specific learning goals. It flows from psychotherapy theory and is crafted to fit the individual as he exits in the here and the now.
- The purpose of an experiment is to assist the client in active self-exploration.
- The experiment aims to bring out some sort of internal struggle by making it an actual process.



- Can be used sometimes in Gestalt therapy, however it does not have to be viewed as a harsh attack. Can be done in such a way that clients cooperate, especially when they are invited to examine their behaviour, attitudes, and thoughts.
- Does not have to be aimed at negative traits. Clients can be encouraged to see how they are blocking their strengths.


The empty chair technique

- Is one way of getting the client to externalise the introject, a technique Perls used a great deal.
- The client swaps chairs simultaneously. One chair is the top dog, the other chair is the underdog. The introjects then surface with both sides of the clients personality. The conflict can then be resolved by integration of both sides.


Making the rounds

- Is a Gestalt exercise that involves asking a person in a group to go up to others in the group and either speak to or do something with each person.
- the purpose is to confront, to risk. to disclose the self, to experiment with new behaviour, and to grow and change.


Contemporary Gestalt therapy has emerged as a culturally sensitive and diversity friendly orientation.

- Gestalt therapy is effective as it takes clients context into account.
- Gestalt experiments can be tailored to the specific way an individuals interprets and perceives his culture.
- The own cultural self of the therapist must be explored in order to make contact with others.
- Gestalt Therapy can assist clients in reconciling conflicts.
- This is especially important with bicultural clients and their conflicting cultures.