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What layer of the earth is liquid and made up largely of iron

The outer core


Describe the mantle

The mantle is the thickest structure of the earths core were temperatures can range from 1,300, near the crust and 5,500 near the inner core


Which layer of the core is very thin ranging from 6-70km

The crust


True or false

A conservative plate boundary occurs when plates slide past eachother in the same or opposite directions at different speeds. Friction between the plates is eventually overcome and the plates slide past each other in a sudden movement, this triggers earthquakes



What happens at a constructive plate boundary

When plates move apart volcanoes form as magma wells up to fill the gap, and a new crust is formed


What part of the earth is the hottest

The inner core is the hottest part of the earth it is usually around 5,500degreescelcius and it is made out dof lots of metals