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What do you do when you have a misfire?



What does C-SPORTS stand for?

1. Confirm that the selector is set to fire.
2. Slap upward on the magazine to make sure it is properly seated.
3. Pull the charging handle completely to the rear and hold.
4. Observe for ejection of case or cartridge, and ensure the cartridge or case is ejected and the chamber is clear.
5. Release the charging handle to feed a new round.
6. Tap the forward assist to ensure the bolt is closed.
7. Squeeze the trigger; the weapon should fire.


Memory aid for shoulder Transition

"safety, magwell, shoulder, firing hand, feet, support hand"


Procedure for shoulder Transition

-Safety on
-Current firing hand to grip front of magwell
-Transfer to opposite shoulder.
-Get firing grip with new firing hand.
-Switch feet
-New support hand up to handguard (otherwise you may block the ejection port with your thumb, I may have experience with that )


Procedure for shoulder Transition

Easier way I've started doing is simply keeping your hand placement the same, just moving the rifle over to your left shoulder.


Steps for transitions

1. Trigger control: release, press, easy
2. Once rifle lifts, then transition
3. Move upper torso as one unit
4. Let my eyes beat my body to target
5. Going to fast greatly decreases accuracy. Shoot for 80%