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Resenberg on Daisy?

Daisy is someone who wants to be romantic.


Soyza on Daisy?

a frivolous, seemingly naive personality who claims to be very sophisticated.


Mulligan on Daisy?

she feels like she's living in a movie of her own life.


Bewley on daisy?

"Daisy has no substance", representation of "emptiness".


what does the persona in Ennui do (plath)?

"designs a future where nothing will occur"


w. Lid on Daisy and AD?

"she is the incarnation of all his elaborate fantasies, his vision of the American Dream."


S. Person on Daisy as a victim?

"Daisy... is more victim than victimizer."


Robert Stone on the novel?

The Great Gatsby is a novel "that is most representative of the American Condition".


Fitzgerald on the Lost generation?

a generation grown up to find all Gods dead, all wars fought, all faiths in men shaken.


Trimalchio, a possible foil for Gatsby, and quote about the green ball?

"The green ball fallen to the ground (foil for green light) would be too much much of a reminder of that ineluctable gravity that pulls all things back to earth, balls and dreams alike."