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Tiberius' legacy

Commission continues to work - Tiberius and father-in-law replaced by Flaccus and Carbo (120 BCE).
Allies complained about land appropriation.
129 BCE - attempt to stop the redistribution of allied help ager publicus.
Efforts held in 125 BCE by Flaccus to give allies who wanted it Roman citizenship or provocatio.


Problems with the sources

Appear is not interested in complexities as it would complicate his narrative.


Basics about Gaius Gracchus

Quaestor in 126 in Sardinia
Elected tribune in 123 and 122
Prevented capital trials without consent of the assembly - deprivation of citizens rights without trial, retroactive was aimed at Populius Laenas.



Lex Agraria, lex frumentaria, lex iudiciaria, ended deductions for soldiers clothing, built roads across Italy, offered citizenship to the latins.


Lex Agraria

Rent on land allotted, some ager publicus exempt from redistribution, proposed colonies


Lex frumentaria

State sells grain once a month at below standard price


Lex iudiciaria

Made judges in civil and criminal trials 1/3 senatorial and 2/3 equestrian.


Tax farming

Roman state puts up for auction the right to collect taxes. The highest bidder pays lump sum to the state. Then they attempt to cover their investment by collecting money or goods from the province.


Lex repetundarum

By M. Acilius Glabro. It made equestrians sole judges on extortion cases for ex-governors