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What are some causes of medial whip?

Px: ER of knee, tight socket, mis-aligned toe break
Amp: gait habit, ER or flexion of hip at toe-off


What are some causes of lateral whip?

Px: IR of knee, loose socket, mis-aligned toe break
Amp: gait habit, IR of hip at toe off


What are some causes of abducted gait?

Px: prosthesis too long, medial wall too high, insufficient femoral stability, induced medial whip
Amp: abduction contracture, poor gait habit, insecure


What are some causes of circumducted gait?

Px: long prosthesis, excessive knee friction, excessive knee stability
Amp: lack of confidence in flexing knee, adbduction contracture, weak hip flexors, habit


What are some causes of vaulting?

Px: long prosthesis, poor suspension, excessive plantarflexion, excessive knee resistance or stability
Amp:gait habit, fear of catching toe, weak or improper hip flexors on residual limb


What are some causes of heel rise?

Px: inadequate extension aid, insufficient knee friction, improper knee selection
Amp: excessive use of hip flexors to initiate swing, overpowering knee unit


What are some causes of knee instability?

Px: excessive dorsiflexion, knee unstable, insufficient socket flexion, mal-alignment of foot
Amp: weak hip extensors, hip flexion contracture


What are some causes of short prosthetic step?

Px: socket pain, weak extension aid, unstable knee, excessive dorsiflexion, poor suspension
Amp: patient insecurity or poor balance, weak hip


What are some cause of long prosthetic step?

Px: excessive plantarflexion of foot, insufficient initial socket flexion,long toe lever arm
Amp: flexion contracture, patient insecurity, pain on sound side


Which is more common, long or short prosthetic step?



What are some causes of lateral shift?

Px: prosthetic foot too far inset, excessive socket abduction
Amp: weak hip abductors, narrow gait base


What are some causes of lateral trunk bend?

Px: foot too far outset, ineffective plantarflexion, excessive knee friction
Amp:inadequate balance, abduction contracture, short residual limb, habit


What are some causes of toe drag?

Px: long prosthesis, excessive plantarflexion, excessive knee friction
Amp: weak hip abductors on sound side, poor posture, poor gait habits


What causes excessive valgus?

foot too far medially


What causes excessive varus?

foot placed too far laterally