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SOB: Explain cyber warfare terminology.

Characteristics – Man-made, non-contiguous, maneuverability. Threats – Nation-state, transnational actor, criminal orgs, individual or small group


SOB: Explain USAF and joint cyber warfare capabilities.

Offensive - Computer Network Attack (CNA), Computer Network Exploitation (CNE), Network Attack (NetA), Network Warfare Support (NS – involves NetA and NetD), Offensive Counter Cyberspace and DEFENSIVE- Computer Network Defense (CND), Defensive Counter Cyberspace, and Network Defense (NetD)


SOB: Explain the impact adversary cyber warfare operations can have on friendly Command and Control (C2).

C2 and intelligence functions depend on operations within cyberspace. Losing the capability to operate effectively in cyberspace can greatly diminish the JFC’s freedom of action


SOB: Explain how the USAF presents cyber warfare forces.

The AF presents some cyberspace forces to CDRUSSTRATCOM for day-to-day operations via its Service element, AFCYBER (24th Air Force). United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM) and United States Pacific Command (USPACOM) may conduct the civil support and Homeland Defense (HD) missions with cyberspace operations during critical infrastructure protection. Like all Air Force Forces (AFFOR), AF cyberspace forces may be assigned or attached to other CCDRs, coalition or JFCs, as directed


SOB: Explain the role and missions of cyber warfare organizations

Air Force Space Command (AFSPC): AFSPC organizes, trains, and equips AF cyberspace forces to conduct sustained operations in, through, and from cyberspace and fully integrates with air and space operations. It serves as the lead Major Command (MAJCOM) for AF cyberspace procedures and Concepts of Operations (CONOPS); 24th AF: This Numbered Air Force (NAF) serves as the Component Numbered Air Force (C-NAF) to USCYBERCOM. In this role, the C-NAF commander serves as the senior AF warfighter for employment of assigned and attached forces under USCYBERCOM, 624th Operations Center (OC): As the 24 AF senior C2 element, the 624 OC is charged to plan, direct, coordinate, assess, C2 AF full spectrum cyberspace operations in support of AF and Joint war-fighters


SOB: Explain planning and execution of cyber warfare operations.

Planning: The Cyberspace Tasking Cycle is initiated in response to a CCDR emerging crisis or contingency. 624 OC/SRD conducts initial mission analysis to formulate the Cyberspace Operations Directive (CyOD). Cyberspace Operations Directive (CyOD): The CyOD describes 24 AF/CC‟s (AFNetOps/CC) overall strategy for integrating and assessing full spectrum cyberspace operations in response to the current/projected threat. This directive will be provided to the plans, operations, and ISRDs, as well as subordinate or tasked units to facilitate mission planning. The CyOD drives the development and production of the AF Cyber Tasking Order (CTO) – describing how to integrate 24 AF cyberspace capabilities and the associated Cyberspace Control Order (CCO). Cyber Tasking Order (CTO): The CTO is derived from CDRUSCYBERCOM orders and, when supported, JFC’s orders. When the 624 OC is supporting a theater operation, the CTO is synchronized with the theater ATO throughout the tasking cycle, with theater operators working closely with those at the 624 OC. If supporting a single, primary theater, the tasking cycle is synchronized with that theater’s tasking cycle to optimize cyberspace support to the theater.