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SOB: Identify the six fundamental and enduring roles of the US Navy

Powerful forward presence; Strategic Deterrence; Power Projection; Sea Control and Maritime Supremacy; Strategic Sealift; Humanitarian Assistance


SOB: Identify the basic “building blocks” of forward deployed naval war fighting groups.

CSGs, with versatile, multipurpose CAWs, Surface Combatants, and Submarines; and Expeditionary Strike Groups (ESG), with special operations capable Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU-SOC). The theater commander values these highly flexible naval formations because they provide the necessary capabilities forward


SOB: Identify the mission capabilities of carrier-based naval aircraft.

Strike-fighter, C2, reconnaissance, surveillance, electronic combat/Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD), anti-submarine, tanker, and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) capabilities


SOB: Identify the doctrinal cornerstone of Carrier Strike Group (CSG) Command and Control (C2).

The Navy employs the CWC concept as the doctrinal cornerstone of its operational and tactical C2 system, integrating aircraft, ships, submarines, and land based forces


SOB: Identify the basic precept of the Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) concept.

Centralized command and decentralized execution