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Myths explored?

Race: the concepts that humans are divided into biological races

Sex: the idea that men and women are truly different in behaviors, wiring, and desires

Aggression: taking away our cultural constraints will reveal that we are all naturally violent, especially men


Fuentes claims that evolution is a fact AND a theory ? What did he mean?

The idea “all life on earth changes over time” is a fact, since it is easily observable in the fossil record and in a lab

But the explanation of HOW all life changes over time is based on a theory

We see change happening we just don’t know HOW


Forces of evolution include ?

Natural selection
Gene flow
Genetic drift
Niche construction


The vast majority of genetic variation among humans is found within populations and relatively little is going between populations? T or F?



For humans, there is more genetic variation in Africa than everywhere else combined? T or F?



The sociohistorical construction of “race”

Is not a correct way to describe human biology

Can and does affect our biology by way of how social inequalities based on race takes a toll on the human body

Is a social reality that can have lasting biological effects