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Who did Freud study?

A 3 year-old boy named Little Hans.


Outline the 'Oral Stage'.

Freud regards thumb sucking as a sexual manifestation -linked with sucking at mother's breast


Outline the 'Anal Stage'.

Erotogenic zones are defined by Freud as parts of the skin which stimuli a certain sort of feeling of pleasure - anus is such part of the body.


Outline the 'Phallic Stage'.

-Early stage of 'infantile sexual life' which centres on the genital zones.
-Boys and girls notice that it is only boys who posses a penis.
-Son being drawn to his mother and the daughter towards her father (the Oedipus Complex)
-Fear of castration


Outline the 'Latency Stage'.

-Child's energies directed away from sexual use and more to other ends such as sport, hobbies or friendship.


Outline the 'Genital Stage'.

-With onset of puberty, sexual instinct emerges with greater intensity
-However this time child's sexual inclinations are diverted away from parents to other people


What was the main aim of Freud's study?

To provide evidence for his theory of psycho-sexual development.


What research method did Freud use on Little Hans?

The study can be described as a case study . Little Hans' father wrote weekly letters to Freud describing conversations he had with Little Hans.


When did Freud believe Little Hans' anxieties began?

When his mother caught him with his hands on his penis and said 'If you do that, I'll send for Dr A to cut off your widdler.'.


What did Freud describe as 'the first of two attempts at seducing his mother'?

First was during usual daily bath by his mother, Hans asked why she wouldn't touch his widdler.


What did Freud think Han's fear of horses was related to?

Freud thought it was related to his fear of castration.


Describe Little Hans' dream about giraffe's.

-Big giraffe and a crumpled one
-Big one calls out because Hans takes away crumpled one
-Then big one stopped calling out and Hans sits on crumpled one


How did Freud/Little Hans' father interpret the dream about the giraffes?

That the big giraffe was his big penis (long neck), and the crumpled giraffe was his wifes' sexual organ, hence why he took the crumpled one away.


What did Freud think when Hans' asked about a horses blinkers?

That the blinkers represented his fathers glasses and moustache.


What is the Oedipus Complex?

When a boy becomes aware of sexual difference, and this leads to feelings of attraction, rivalry, jealousy and fear over the opposite sex, and a sexual desire for the boy's mother.


What are the 3 levels of the mind?

-Conscious level
-Pre-conscious level
-Unconscious level


What is the id? When is it present from?

-Pleasure principle - no logical or rational thoughts
-'I want it now'
-Present from birth


What is the ego? When is it present from?

-Reality principle- start to find out what people consider acceptable
-Present from 1-3 years old


What is the super ego? When is it present from?

-Internal rules like voice of a parent sitting on shoulder telling you what is right and wrong
-Present from 3-5 years


What was the 'criminal fantasy'?

-Hans fantasised about doing forbidden things with father - represented wishing to do something forbidden to mother which his father was also doing


What was the 'plumber fantasy'?

-Fantasised a plumber removed his bottom and widdler with pincers and gave him larger ones
-Could identify with father by having a larger bottom and widdler like him
-Resolution to the Oedipus Complex


What was the parenting/marrying fantasy?

-Hans fantasised about marrying his mother and playing father to his own children
-Made 'space' for his father - identifying with father.