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When was the New York Kouros made?

610 BC


What is the size of the New York Kouros?

Roughly life size


What is the New York Kouros made out of?



Which statue(s) is the New York Kouros similar to?

Egyptian Kouros, Anavyssos Kouros


What is the New York Kouros' pose like?

- Stiff, upright pose with level features
- Left leg forward (but not enough to make hips uneven)
- Looking straight ahead - frontal
- Unnatural pose - but makes you focus on the patterns in the body
- Traditional kouros pose


What is the New York Kouros' anatomy like?

- Incorrect proportions (e.g. head too big)
- Unnatural muscles - patterns - sharp lines
- Triangular face - large eyes - harsh transition between visual planes
- Hair = extremely stylised bead pattern - symmetrical ribbon
- Not naturalistic, but still beautiful
- Repeated patterns/symmetry (shallow W of pectorals & collar bone, V of diaphragm & pelvis, eyelid and eyebrow etc)


When was the Berin Goddess made?

570 - 560 BC


What is the Berlin Goddess made out of?



Which statue(s) is the Berlin Goddess similar to?

Peplos Kore


What is the pose of the Berlin Goddess like?

- Rigid pose - feet together, looking straight ahead
- Arms aren't parallel (one tucked into cloak, one holding pomegranate) - slightly breaks visual planes
- More animated arms
- Unrealistically rigid pose


What is the anatomy of the Berlin Goddess like?

- Hourglass figure, but not defined breasts
- Naturalistic feet
- Long neck and broad shoulders
- Head is too small for body (eyes too small and bug-eyed, archaic smile, nose and ears too big, deep and tall head)
- Some areas are naturalistic, some aren't
- Head does look very strange


What is the Berlin Goddess' drapery like?

- Dress with cloak - stylised, uses defined lines
- On her back the catenary folds of the cloak contrasts with the vertical dress (contributes to hourglass)
- Also wears earrings, a necklace, and a hat
- Back is more realistic and effective than front


What is the Berlin Goddess' hair like?

- Symmetrical, stylised
- Plait, headband, and hat
- Heavy and tall
- Not naturalistic, looks stuck onto her head


When was the Anavyssos Kouros made?

530 BC


Which statue(s) is the Anavyssos Kouros similar to?

New York Kouros, Kritios Boy


What is the Anavyssos Kouros' pose like?

- Traditional kouroi pose - standing upright, arms by side, even weight distribution, left leg forwards, facing front
- Too stiff, not very natural


What is the Anavyssos Kouros' anatomy like?

- More rounded and fleshy than previous. Well proportioned
- Muscles are more subtle (as is the symmetry)
- Really long shoulder blades on back
- Archaic smile
- Stylised hair (bead-like symmetry) - hasn't improved
- Too rounded? Womanly?
- More naturalistic


What is the Anavyssos Kouros made out of?



When was the Peplos Kore made?

540 - 530 BC


What is the Peplos Kore made out of?



Which statue(s) is the Peplos Kore similar to?

Berlin Goddess


What is Peplos Kore's pose like?

- Rigid, straight back, feet together, looking straight ahead
- Right arm by side, left is bent and extended towards the viewer (holding something) - interaction
- Level hips
- Rigid pose brought to life by animated face
- Left arm breaks visual plae and adds interaction (suggests she is thinking something)


What is the anatomy of the Peplos Kore like?

- Realistically proportioned
- Face is alive - soft and warm (archaic smile, symmetrical)
- Hair falls with natural movement (responds to figure) - it is still symmetrical but it isn't a single block
- Animated face adds life and thought
- Naturalistic


What is the Peplos Kore's drapery like?

- Peplos (sleeveless, folds at waist) with Chiton (logn sleeves) underneath
- Basically two blocks
- Would have been painted (can see traces of pattern)
- Top shows her figure, bottom half falls more vertically
- Fairly naturalistic - can see figure, and the overfold at her waist


When was Kritios Boy made?

499 - 475 BC


Which material was Kritios Boy made out of?



Which statue(s) is Kritios Boy similar to?

Anavyssos Kouros, Riace Bronzes


What is the pose of Kritios Boy like?

- Similar to kouroi pose but more relaxed
- Frontal pose, asymmetrical, head slightly tilted to side
- Weight on back leg, right leg is slightly forward (hips aren't level)
- More relaxed - more naturalistic and alive


What is Kritios Boy's anatomy like?

- Not much muscle (as he's a boy)
- Delicately carved - beautiful
- No archaic smile
- Face isn't well proportioned
- Long hair is wrapped around head - scalp has individually carved strands - wisps on back of neck
- Eyes made separately and painted
- Naturalistic body (but face and hair are less reliastic)


When were the Tyrannicides made?

477/6 BC