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1. Complete emotional and personal communication - relationship is based on complete openness and honesty
2. My feelings or emotions - person shares how he feels about facts, ideas and judgments
3. My ideas and judgments - Still cautious, but begin to share some of his ideas and decisions
4. Reporting the facts about others - sharing gossip about others, but don't share any personal feelings about it
5. Cliche Conversation - no personal sharing, people remaining behind their defense


First interview questions

1. What brings you here/who was concerned about coming
2. Often couples come experiencing pain - what is the pain?
3. who is contributing to this pain?
4. what efforts have been made to eliminate this pain?
5. Describe what you want to have in your marriage
6. How much time do you have in your marriage?
7. What is the dream you had for your marriage? what happened to it?
8. What would it take for you to be satisfied w/ your spouse?
9. If your marriage was really good tmrw, how would you know?
10. what do you want from your marriage? How are you willing to get there?
11. what are you doing to mess up this marriage?
12. how do you compliment each other?
13. what are your needs? does your spouse meet them?
14. What would it be like if counselling was successful? Goals?
15. What is the worst thing that could happen in counselling?