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When dealing with the claims of Jesus, we are faced with WHAT two alternatives—resulting in WHICH three end points?

Two alternatives
1–His claims were true
2-His claims were false

Three end points
1– if his claims were false, he knew and was a liar
2– if his claims were false, he did not know and was a lunatic
3– if his claims were true, he is Lord.


Otto Bezt made what claim about the historical Jesus?

Otto Betz
“no serious scholar has ventured to postulate the non-historicity of Jesus”


Cornelius Tactus, the ‘greatest historian’ of Ancient Rome confirms what Biblical claim about Jesus?

That Jesus was put to death by Pilate, procurator of Judea in the reign of Tiberius


Name the main translation theories.

Word for word
Dynamic equivalent


Describe the dynamic equivalent translation theory.

Fundamentally means translating the meaning of each whole sentence before moving on to the next


Describe the word for word translation theory.

rendering of text from one language to another one word at a time


Describe the paraphrase translation theory.

A restatement of the meaning of a text or passage using other words


Briefly describe the tripartite communication discussed in class.

1-That which is said
1-That which is understood
1-The culture in which what was said was said


Name the two primary text streams for English Bible translations

Textus Receptus/majority text
Critical Text/minority text


Complete the following quote from class.
“A text without a context...

is a pretext for a prooftext.”


What are the three tests for OT reliability according to Josh McDowell?

A. Textual Transmission (Accuracy)
B. Confirmation of Hard Evidence – Archaeology
C. Confirmation of Hard Evidence - Documentary Evidence


What leader was born 150 after Isaiah mentioned him by name and prophesied, he would cause the fall of Babylon and help the Jews return to Jerusalem? Isa. 44;28; 45:1-7



Scientific facts taught in the OT include…

that blood is central to life, hand should be washed with running water, human/ animal waste and the dead must be handled properly to prevent disease, the water cycle is described, wind & ocean currents follow a predictable pattern, hot water springs exist on the ocean floor, the earth is round and is suspended in space, the universe is expanding, and the stars in the sky are innumerable.


What percentage of the OT Hebrew vocabulary is considered loanwords (words borrowed from other languages)?

Less than 2%


How do the OT manuscripts compare to the ancient copies of the Book of the Dead?

Bible shows little to no change between manuscripts 1000+ years apart. Whereas the two main text of the Egyptian Book of the Dead differs greatly, with whole sections of the text missing or mismatched.


Which group of Hebrew preservationists developed the Hebrew vowel point system?



What was the value of the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Provided the oldest existent manuscripts of the OT and validated the authenticity & preservation of more recent manuscript evidence


8. Did the Jews prefer older or newer copies of the Hebrew text?

They preferred the newer over the old. The rules for copying the text assured extreme precision and accuracy, so a new copy was equal to the original, if not better as it was less likely to be degraded or blemished.


The American Bible Society stated in, Why So Many Bibles that the variant readings used for minority text translations, comprise about how much of the original text?

1% of the original text.


Daniel Wallace, believes the New International Version of the Bible is what type of translation?

phrase for phrase or dynamic equivalent


According to Matt Yeater, what is the most oneness document on the face of the planet?

Textus Receptus/majority text


Don't forget to study your Scripture Memorization

Exodus 20:2-17