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List all of the areas and items of the Tabernacle.

- Altar of Burnt offering/ Bronze Altar
- Bronze laver
- Golden Lampstand
- Table Shewbread
- Altar of Incense
- Ark of the Covenant

- Outer Court
- Veil
- The Holy Place
- The Holy of Holies


Were the gentiles allowed to convert to Judaism? If so, explain how and provide scriptural examples to this occurrence.

Yes, rahab and ruth were assimilated into jewish culture


What were the 7 consequences of leaving Canaan?

- He grieved God
- He weakened his own faith
- He weakened the faith of Sarah
- He became poor testimony to his nephew Lot
- He ceased the Pharaoh to be afflicted
- He picked up Hagar
- He provided a bad example for his son Isaac


Where was the Tabernacle of God located during the Conquest Stage until the United Kingdom Stage?



What were the “first four” of the meeting with Melchizedek?

- First COMMUNION (Bread & Wine)
- First mention of the HOLY CITY (Salem)
- First mention of PRIEST
- First example of TITHING


State and explain the results King David suffered from his sin of murder and adultery.

Death of his infant son
Rape of Tamar
Murder of amnon
Rebellion Absalom
4 people died because of his sin, including Uriah.


Explain the different meanings of antediluvian versus postdiluvian world.

pre flood vs post flood


List the stages of the Old Testament.

• Creation Stage
• Patriarchal Stage
• Exodus Stage
• Conquest Stage
• Judges Stage
• United Kingdom Stage
• Divided Kingdom Stage
• Captive Stage
• Return Stage


1) Explain the circumstances of the Ark of the Covenant when it was captured from Israel
2) Where it went
3) Who brought it back to Israel

Saul took it to battle, it was lost, taken to Philistia, brought back by two oxen on a cart


What are the three lessons from Babel?

- Power of People
- Power of Unity
- Power of Communication


What are the first things Abraham does when he arrives in Canaan?

Builds an Altar.


How old were Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born?

Abraham was 100,
Sarah was 91


List the Four Main Divisions of the Old Testament.

- Pentateuch
- History Books
- Poetic Books
- Major Prophets
- Minor Prophets


Genesis 1-11 represents approximately what fraction of the world's history?

The halfway through the timeline.


List the books of the Old Testament. (In Order)

- Genesis
- Exodus
- Leviticus
- Numbers
- Deuteronomy
- Joshua
- Judges
- Ruth
- 1 Samuel
- 2 Samuel
- 1 Kings
- 2 Kings
- 1 Chronicles
- 2 Chronicles
- Ezra
- Nehemiah
- Ester
- Job
- Psalms
- Proverbs
- Ecclesiastes
- Song of Solomon
- Isaiah
- Jeremiah
- Lamentacions
- Ezekiel
- Daniel
- Hosea
- Joel
- Amos
- Obadiah
- Jonah
- Micah
- Nahum
- Habakkuk
- Zephaniah
- Haggai
- Zachariah
- Malachi


List the Patriarchs.

• Abraham
• Isaac
• Jacob
• Joseph
• Job


Why did Abraham leave Canaan?

There was a Famine in Canaan


Explain the importance of Genesis 1-11 and why it’s so widely debated.

It is the Origin of creation and the foundation. It is so widely debated because people have different ideas of creation


Where was the Tower of Babel built?

Built in the Plan of Shinar


Where were Abraham and Sarah buried at their death?

The Cave of Machpelah


Explain the cycle of Judges.

Rebellion, Punishment, Misery, Delivery


How old was Abraham when his name was changed?

99 years old


List the seven-fold promise of God to Abraham.

- I will make thee a great nation
- I will bless thee
- I will make thy name great
- Thou shall be a blessing
- I will bless them that bless thee
- I will curse them that curse thee
- In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed