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where does the legislation of nurse profession come from and who guides it?

comes from provincial government, guided by CNO


what are the two legislation acts that govern nursing?

regulated health profession act and nursing act


what is significant about regulated health profession act

13 controlled acts that are applied to all ontario self-regulated heath professionals, 3 under nursing


what is significant about nursing act

has scope of practice, 3 controlled acts geared to nursing, defines different classes and nursing requirements


what are the 3 controlled acts that nurses can perform?

1. Performing prescribed procedure below dermis 2. administer a substance by inhalation or injection 3. putting instrument, hand, finger beyond anal verge, labia majora, artificial opening 4. nasal passage 5. external ear canal 6.larynx 7. urethra


how many classes are there withing the nursing act?



what are the classes of registration?

1. general class, 2. extended class, 3. special assignment class 4. emergency class 5.temporary class 6. non-practicing class


General class is?

RNs and RPNs


temporary class is?

short term registration (6months), ppl who have met provincial requirement but not national


special assignment class is?

short term registration, non-renewal class, can only practice within his/her scope with limitations under defined terms


emergency assignment class is?

qualified RNs and RPNs, outside province, who has been asked from provincial government to issue certificates of in this class


non-practicing class?

new this year, for current and previous members of general/extended class, not allowed to practice but can still use title


extended class is?

RNs who have demonstrated competency to practice as Nurse practitioners


what is canadian patient safety institute about?

describes the abilities that apply to all health care professionals


what are some domain 1 examples from CPSI?

role-modelling, integrating safety practices to daily activities, commitment to communication, teamwork an quality.-> commitment to a just and non-punitive culture so that mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning


what are meta-paradigms?

provides framework that contains the broadest beliefs about nursing, health, environment and person


what are the actions associated by the meta-paradigm?

1. assist person to meet health/illness need 2. enhance person capacity to manage health challenges 3. promote health and well-being at both individual and societal level 4. provide health care for those who can do for themselves 5. assist person in their response to illness or health threats 6. facilitate transition


what is Carpers pattern of nursing knowledge?

empirical, esthetics, personal, ethics, emancipatory


what is CASN?

canadian association of schools of nursing


what is the purpose of CASN?

to promote scholarship and achievement of excellence in intellectual aspect and creative aspect


what three areas does CASN look at?

research, teaching, practicing nursing


under critical thinking there are 2 types of standards...

1.intellectual standards 2.professional standards


while critically thinking; was is intellectual standards?

guidelines or principles that nurses use for rational thought, applied during nursing process, ensures that intellect is not haphazard


what is the nurse process?

assessment, diagnosis, plan, implement, evaluation


while critically thinking; was is professional standards?

ethical criteria which is evidenced based (RNAO) and for nursing judgement (CNA code of ethics)


what is evidence-informed practice?

combination of best researched evidence, which includes clinical practice and other sources to produce best possible care for clients.


what is the metaparadigm of the person refer to?

the individual, family, community


what is CNO definition of client?

the individual, family, group, entire community, who require nurse expertise


what is UNB metaparadigm of the person?

holistic being, dynamic, irreducible whole, who is unique and diverse - who is able to adjust and grow, self determining


who are the three theorist?

Roy, Watson and Neman