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What is A Fetal abnormality and reference?

anomalies that occur to fetus during intrauterine life which can be detected, prenatally, at birth or later on in infancy. (WHO,2016)


How would a fetal abnormality be diagnosed in pregnancy?

1. Early scan at 12wks (Dating scan)
2.NIPT (Non- Invasive-Prenatal- Testing)- testing mum's blood.
3. Central Villus sampling- Check if there are any genetic abnormalities by taking cells from placenta
4. Amniocentesis- Take sample of amniotic fluid
5. USS, following reduced fetal growth concern
6. Abnormality scan @20wks
7. @ time of fetal death


Name 5 fetal abnormalities that may not be detected @ 23wks.

Diphragm Herina
Cleft palate
Skin condition
Oesophegeal- dudenal- anal- aterisa


What should be examined within the 3rd trimester?

Growth- to exclude IUGR and macrosomia

Estimated fetal weight

Liquor Volume


what reactions would the parents have in response to the fetal compromise?

- Anxiety
- Shock
- People dont understand scans
- Stress of the unknown and outcomes (other children)


Parental needs after unexpected diagnosis?

prompt refer to a specialist and fetal medicine unit

sensitive communication


changing booking to a hospital that has NICU


what happens when there is an unexpected diagnosis @ birth?

Tell parents respectfully
examine baby by pead ASAP
test baby with informed consent
Give accurate information