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Feminist therapy

emphasis on the power differences between women and men and how that differential impacts on both men's and women's behavior


Feminist Therapy-
View of Maladaptive Behavior

Symptoms are considered to be:
1. related to the nature of traditional feminine roles or conflicts that are inherent to those roles
2. survival tactics or a means of exercising personal power
3. arbitrary labels that society has assigned to certain behaviors to impose sanctions or exert social control


Goals of Feminist therapy

Less interested in changing their clients to fit the mainstream than in identifying and altering the oppressive forces in society that have affected their clients lives; a primary goal is empowerment, or helping women become more self-defining and self-determining


Feminist Therapy Techniques

- Striving for an egalitarian relationship
- avoiding labels
- avoiding revictimization
- involvement in social action


Feminist therapy vs. nonsexist therapy

- both recognize the impact of sexism and avoid the use of gender-biased techniques
- feminist therapists prioritize the role of sociopolitical factors on a woman's psychological functioning and the need for change
- nonsexist therapists focus more on individual factors and modifying personal behavior


Self-in-relation theory

extends traditional object relations theory by proposing that many gender differences can be traced to differences in the mother-daughter and mother-son relationship