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What are modern day attitudes towards family life

- the majority of families are still nuclear
- single parent families
- cohabiting parent families
- reconstituted/blended families
- increased promiscuity has led to higher teen pregnancy rates
- smaller average family size


Why is family life important to Catholics

- "the wellbeing of the individual person and of both human and Christian society is closely bound up with the healthy state of family life" CCC 1603
- the family is the basic unit of society
- the parents should teach children right from wrong and introduce them to the Christian faith


How does the church help support families

- help with the upbringing of children
- help to keep families together


How does the church help with the upbringing of children

- running Catholic schools that teach children in a Christian environment
- helping children to prepare to participate in the sacraments
- encouraging children to participate in worship and prayer
- arranging children's play ground and youth clubs


How does the church help to keep the family together

- encouraging couples to seek reconciliation instead of separation
- providing marriage preparation courses
- giving opportunities to celebrate marriage
- training priests to support couples through difficulties
- supporting parishes to 'family friendly'
- running charities that support families


What were the attitudes to family life in the 1950's

Vast majority of people lived in a nuclear family