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Why should we use shadow primer?

Shadows last longer, brighter, apply better, and assists in blending


What 3 products we can use to prime the eyes?

- Formulated Eye Primer
- Cream Shadow
- Concealer


Where do we apply shadow primer?

Lash line to brow bone and under lash line


What are the 5 guidelines for eye liner?

1. Lining the eye is to define and create illusion
2. Always clean or sharpen pencils before use
3. Liner may be defined or smudged
4. Liner may be applied before or after shadows
5. Combine different colours or liners and shadows


What are the 8 basics on filling brows?

1. Start with groomed brow
2. Comb brow hair up
3. Measure and mark inner end, outer end, and natural arch
4. Consider skin colour and brow colour when choosing a colour
5. Using a product with angle brush or brow pencil, start at proper arch area to fill or reshape brow
6. Fill inner half of brow
7. Finish inner end and body of brow
8. Brush through brow to even out colour


How would you correct almond/upturned eyes?

No correction required


How would you correct small/deep set eyes?

Enlarge and/or brighten lid


How would you correct round/protruding eyes?

Minimize lid area and widen


How would you correct mono lid/creaseless eye?

Add definition to accentuate eye


How would you correct hooded/down turned eyes?

Lift outer corner and contour crease area


How would you correct heavy/mature eyes?

Brighten and add natural definition