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Who wrote 'Extract from the Prelude?'

William Wordsworth


Why has the poet used blank verse in iambic pentameter and a regular rhythm?

To make it sound serious, important and like a natural speech


What is the impact of the repetition of 'huge' in the quote 'a huge peak, black and huge'?

Emphasises the size of the mountain and could also suggest that the sight has made him confused.


What is the impact of the simile 'But huge and mighty forms, that do not live like living men?'

nature is described as a powerful, conscious being that can influence our lives.


Why might the poem have been written in 1 long stanza?

To perhaps show it happens very quickly.


Describe the narrator's feelings throughout the poem.

Confident, guilt, confident, fear.


What themes are present in the poem?

Power of nature, Memory, Fear


What poems could you compare with Extract from the Prelude?

Ozymandias (Power of Nature)
My Last Duchess ( Memory and Pride)
Exposure (Power of Nature)
Storm on the island (Power of nature and Fear)
Bayonet Charge (Fear)
Remains (Memory)
Poppies (Memory, Fear)
War photographer (Memory)
The Emigree (Memory)
Kamikaze (Memory)