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What is informational social influence (ISI)?

A motivational force to look to others for guidance in order to be correct. Driven by cognition


What is normative social influence (NSI)?

A motivational force to be liked and accepted by a group. Driven by emotion


What did Jenness study and using what?

ISI; jellybeans


What did Jenness find?

After making an initial estimate, participants discussed their estimates in a group and then made another private estimate; the second estimate converged (got closer to) the group estimate, suggesting they genuinely believed the group were right due to the ambiguous nature of the question


What did Asch study and using what?

NSI; lines of varying lengths


Who was Asch's sample?

123 male American student volunteers


What was the task used in Asch's study?

To say which line was the same as a stimulus line across 18 different trials


What was the conformity rate across all the trials in Asch's study?

32% to wrong answers


How many participants conformed at least once in Asch's study?



What were the three reasons Asch found that the participants attributed to their behaviour?

Distortion of action, distortion of perception and distortion of judgement


Who created a study without the demand characteristics that were present in Asch's study and how did they do this?

Mori and Arai; used filter glasses which were placed on real participants that distorted their view


Did Mori and Arai's study support Asch's findings?

Only the female participants conformed at similar rates (an average of 4.41 times), suggesting there may have been cultural or generational effects since his experiment


In what environment was Asch's study conducted in?

The 1950s during issues with communism and post-WWII


What specific real-life practical application does Asch's study have?

The research makes people aware that they are likely to conform - applies to juries