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What is the goal of behavior analysis?

to predict the behavior of self and others
to influence the behavior of self and others


What are the characteristics of behavior that lead people to say that behavior was consciously willed?

1. No triggering event.
2. Goal directed

We speak of will as a force


What concerns were raised in this lecture about the idea that will is the cause of behavior and that will is free from cause?

1.There could be no principles of behavior, there can be no way to predict behavior, there is no way to influence behavior.
2.If your behavior is free from any influence then you would be insane.
3. A lot of our voluntary behavior occurs without our willing it to occur.
4. Free thinking appears to be related to our goals.


Know the methods and results from the Libert Studies.

The red dot on the clock. say when you willed yourself to move your finger. Brain scans showed activity before the the person said they willed their finger.