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existential therapy focuses

humans are always changing
searching for meaning
anxiety is a condition of living/normal
we will die at any time, so live in the present


existential therapy therapeutic goals

help clients become more real and see when they're being fake


existential therapy function/role

understanding the client's subjective world and help them come up with new options
help client's become self-aware


existential therapy: what is wrong with the client

not taking responsibility for their actions
can't find meaning in their lives
not sure who they are


first phase of existential therapy

assist clients in identifying and clarifying their assumptions about the world
therapists teach how to reflect on their own existence and their own role that caused their probs


middle phase of existential therapy

clients are assisted examining what their value system is and and what kind of life they would want to live and maybe readjust that system


final phase of existential therapy

focus on helping people take what they're learning and put it into action