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What is an example of a company overcoming affordability for the bottom of the pyramid market in Africa?

Sabmiller's Impala beer was adapted to contain a low-tax local root crop cassava so that the price could be reduced, successful as many couldn't afford beer before


What is an example of overcoming lack of skilled labour as an institutional void/constraint?

McDonalds created their 'Hamburger University' in 2010 to train operators and restaurant managers in China


What is an example of using NGOs to overcome institutional voids?

Unilever collaborated with NGOs to develop an education and training programme for the purpose of benefitting 60,000 women in India, China and Bangladesh


How have some companies recognised the importance of localising the monitoring of emerging markets?

GE and IBM have created senior positions to oversee their growth markets


How has Starbucks adapted to the Chinese market?

Starbucks have collaborated with Alibaba to develop technology for Chinese consumers to voice order their coffee on an app and have it delivered