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An engineer working with large detailed CAD files notices over time that the workstation is
taking significantly longer to open files that used to launch quickly. Other applications work
fine, and the engineer confirms all of the data has been backed up the night before. A
technician determines that the workstation is about two years old. Which of the following
would be the technicians FIRST step in troubleshooting the problem?

A. Run defrag on the hard drive
B. Restore the CAD files from backup
C. Replace the hard drive
D. Remove and reinstall the CAD software

Answer : A


A technician is trying to prevent a local application from reaching the web due to security
concerns. Which of the following solutions could BEST prevent the application from
reaching the web? (Select TWO).

A. Configure the workstation for a static IP
B. Disable all wireless network connections
C. Remove shortcuts to the application
D. Block the application in Windows Firewall
E. Change network location to Work
F. Reroute the web address in HOSTS file

Answer : D,F


When securing a mobile device, which of the following types of screen locks is the MOST

A. Fingerprint lock
B. Swipe lock
C. Passcode lock
D. Face lock

Answer : A


A user reports several technicians have been unable to solve a problem and requests that
the technician on the phone comes out to fix the problem because the user is unable to
work. After the technician has effectively communicated a willingness to help, which of the
following is the NEXT step?

A. Allow the user to speak with a supervisor.
B. Identify the problem.
C. Establish a theory.
D. Immediately go to the user’s office.

B. Identify the problem.


A technician is instructed to configure a new workstation to boot the OS from the network.
The technician must enable which of the following FIRST?

C. WiFi

Answer : A


A customer calls an IT consultant to explain an issue they are having with their Windows 7
Professional PC. Windows Update attempts to install patches upon each startup but fails
on the same single update. The customer has attempted to re-run Windows Update from
Control Panel but the issue remains. Which of the following courses of action would BEST
resolve the problem?

A. Running a full DEFRAG on the system
B. Clearing the AppData temp folder entirely
C. Clearing the Windows Update download cache entirely
D. Uninstalling the Windows Update feature in Windows 7 and reinstalling it directly from the Microsoft website

Answer : C


A technician is tasked with setting up a users webmail on a tablet, phone, and laptop. The
user would like the data synced to all three devices. Which of the following items can be
synced to the devices via webmail? (Select THREE).

A. Free/busy
B. Programs
C. Documents
D. Calendar
E. Favorites
F. Social media
G. Contacts

Answer : A,D,G


A technician has imported a .dll to fix a missing .dll issue on a PC. The application still does
not run correctly and is reporting that the .dll is missing. Which of the following tools would
the technician use to complete the import of the .dll?

A. gpresult
B. msconfig
C. regedit
D. gpupdate
E. regsrv32

Answer : E


A user receives an unsolicited call from a technician claiming to be from a Microsoft
certified partner. The technician tricks the user into allowing them access to their PC
because of malware alerts that were being broadcasted. Which of the following attacks is
this user a victim of?

A. Shoulder surfing
B. Phishing attack
C. Social engineering
D. Malware infection

Answer : C


Which of the following security threats requires the attacker to be physically located near
the target machine?

A. Shoulder surfing
B. Social engineering
C. Phishing
D. Rootkit

A. Shoulder surfing


A user, Ann, reports that her laptop will no longer connect to wireless. Joe, a technician,
checks the device manager and does not see a wireless networking card or any unknown
devices. Which of the following should Joe do FIRST?

A. Check to make sure the wireless card was not turned off via the hardware switch or keyboard shortcut.
B. Install a USB wireless card to ensure that Windows networking is working properly.
C. Open the laptop and reseat the network card and both antennas.
D. Download and install the latest wireless driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Answer : A


For the last year, a company has gathered statistics on the most common security
incidents. The highest percentage deals with opening email attachments that contain
malware. Which of the following would mitigate this issue without reducing productivity?

A. Annual cyber security education
B. Update antivirus signatures more often
C. Block all email attachments
D. Install an IPS on each workstation

Answer : A


A user prefers an external monitor, mouse, and keyboard for a laptop. The user does not
want to use the built-in screen; however, when the laptop lid is closed, it goes into sleep
mode. Which of the following Control Panel items can be used to disable this feature?

A. Action Center
B. System
C. Display Settings
D. Power Options

Answer : D


An administrator wants to give a user limited access rights in Windows Vista so that the
user can install printers and create local user accounts. Which of the following accounts
should the administrator create for the user?

A. Power user
B. Administrator
C. Standard
D. Guest

Answer : A


Ann, a home user, brings a Windows XP PC in for repair and reports that several disk read
errors are occurring. She has run check disk and errors have been reported several times.
Which of the following should a technician recommend? (Select TWO).

A. Increase the amount of RAM to improve disk checks
B. Backup all data on the drive
C. Upgrade to a home server
D. Purchase a new hard drive
E. Change the drive configuration to RAID 0
F. Upgrade to Windows 7 Professional

Answer : B,D


A network administrator is unable to install programs on a workstation. Which of the
following is MOST likely the reason the administrator is not able to install applications?

A. The workstation is victim of a denial of service attack.
B. The username is not authenticating on the network.
C. The username is not part of the local administrator group.
D. The administrator has not applied appropriate security patches.

Answer : C


Drag and drop the following Windows Versions to the correct feature on which they are
found. Windows Versions may be used more than once.




A user is experiencing a software application error. The user contacts a technician for
support. Which of the following will allow the user to issue an invitation to the technician in
this scenario?

A. Remote desktop
B. Remote assistance
C. telnet

Answer : B


An end user needs to completely re-install Windows 7 on a home computer but it did not
come with any OS discs. How would a technician accomplish this?

A. Recovery partition
B. Primary partition
C. System restore
D. System refresh

Answer : A


A technician has been tasked with loading the operating system on every PC with a blank
hard drive on a network. The technician wishes to install the operating system with minimal
physical interaction with the PCs. Which of the following is the BEST way to accomplish

A. Clone the operating system from an image onto optical media.
B. Use the original software media to load the operation system on every PC.
C. Set up a central image that the PCs can load from a PXE boot.
D. Create an image and copy it from a USB drive using an unattended answer file.

Answer : C


A technician is tasked with improving the security of a SOHO network. The office is
comprised of a single wireless router located under the front desk where the office
manager sits. All desktop computers are wired into the router which is configured with
strong device credentials. Additionally, wireless is disabled on the router. Which of the
following should the technician perform NEXT to improve the security of the SOHO

A. Disable the router’s remote management feature.
B. Enable WPA2 wireless encryption.
C. Change the router’s default admin name and password.
D. Place the router in a locked room.

Answer : D


Ann, a user, has a phablet for personal and work usage. She finds that her phablet starts to
exhibit slow performance after a couple of hours and that the problem worsens as the day
goes by. If Ann restarts the device, it works fine for a couple of hours and then starts to run
slow again. Which of the following is the BEST action to troubleshoot this problem?

A. Check running apps
B. Reset to factory default
C. Disable cloud syncing
D. Replace the device’s battery

Answer : A


A user needs their email set up on their iOS device. The email needs to synchronize all
changes made with the server and the PC. Which of the following would the technician use
to accomplish this?




A customer with a PC has requested assistance setting up Windows 7 parental controls
within the web browser. The customer would like to limit how much time a child can spend
on a particular website. Which of the following tabs under Internet Options will allow the
user to create those settings?

A. Privacy
B. Advanced
C. Security
D. Content

Answer : D


On a corporate network, which of the following features would be used to redirect network
traffic for filtering or monitoring?

A. Content Advisor
B. Proxy Settings
C. Network Drive Mapping
D. Local Security Policy

Answer : B


A user reports that their wireless connectivity is being spotty. The issue seems to interrupt
their wireless signal connection when the laptop screen is tilted forward or backward during
operation. When this happens, the entire wireless signal drops out until the screen is left in
position for a good minute or so. Which of the following MOST likely explains what is

A. The hinges on the laptop screen are not strong enough to support the wireless signal cables.
B. The wireless card is losing contact to its socket when the screen is opening/closing.
C. The laptop is designed to work optimally with wireless when the screen is at a perfect 90 degree angle.
D. The wireless signal cables are being crimped when the screen is opening/closing.

Answer : D


A technician has been informed by the IT security manager that a vulnerability has been
discovered in the wireless router. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to take remote
control of the device. Which of the following should the technician perform to address the

A. Power off the device
B. Install an add-on card
C. Update the WiFi antenna
D. Update firmware

Answer : D


Which of the following updates should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the OS
has the latest security patches?

A. Anti-malware updates
B. Driver updates
C. Windows updates
D. Firmware updates

Answer : C


A customer has recently installed several applications on a Windows 7 workstation and is
now experiencing slow system performance and spontaneous restarts. After removing
some of the recently installed applications, the issue persists. Which of the following tools
could the technician use to troubleshoot the problem while preventing data loss?

A. Factory restore
B. SecureBoot
C. msconfig
D. diskpart

Answer : C


A technician has configured the ability to connect to a small office server using remote
desktop from a workstation within the office. The technician has reviewed logs that show
constant brute force attacks to that server from outside the network. Which of the following
would prevent this from occurring?

A. Configure the server to use a static IP
B. Logically move the server to the DMZ
C. Reallocate the server to a different networking closet
D. Disable the remote desktop port

Answer : D