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_____ is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other communication channels.
a) Malware
b) Phishing
c) Pirating
d) Spamming
e) Benchmarking

b. Phishing


A computer-to-computer interchange of information using a pre-defined format based on agreed definitions through electronic networks is a(an) _____ interchange.
a) system
b) electronic data
c) electronic network
d) electronic document
e) network document

b) electronic data


_____ is a condition aggravated by high humidity that can seriously and permanently damage microfilm.
a) Methylene blue
b) Hydrostatic deterioration
c) Water absorption
d) Splotching
e) Mildew

e) Mildew


_____ applications are easier to deploy, take up fewer resources, and run faster without the full capabilities of their richer versions.
a) Website
b) Thin client
c) Cloud
d) Thick client
e) Mobile

b) thin client


Varieties of metadata can be described as:
a) substantive, system-based, and embedded.
b) real and unreal.
c) governed and ungoverned.
d) system-based, group, and associated.
e) language driven, group, and systems.

a) substantive, system-based, and embedded


The character storage capacity of a CD-ROM depends on the:
a) software used to create the document.
b) transfer rates.
c) data density.
d) number of read-write heads.
e) block width.

c) data density


A _____ is a federated repository for all the data collected by an enterprise's various operational systems.
a) laptop
b) file share
c) file room
d) data warehouse
e) offsite records center

d) data warehouse


The process of periodically converting electronic records to new file formats or new storage media is:
a) reusability
b) digital asset management
c) printing
d) media stability
e) data migration

e) data migration


Which one of the following categories of government records is expressly covered by the United States Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?
a) Judicial branch
b) Executive branch
c) Legislative branch
d) Archives and Records Management branch
e) All records of the federal government

e) All records of the federal government


An acquisition policy serves as a basic document to:
a) Determine cooperative digital projects and repositories with similar collections.
b) Plan preservation priorities by determining areas of importance to the repository.
c) Assess potential donations and inform donors looking for a suitable repository for their records.
d) Develop public programming and prepare long-term strategic planning.
e) Provide information to researchers and external customers.

d) Develop public programming and prepare long-term strategic planning


Which of the following is used by the operating system to track data scattered on a disk?
a) Search tools
b) Log files
c) File allocation tables
d) File servers
e) Protocols

c) file allocation tables


An ERMS is different from an EDMS because an ERMS has the ability to:
a) allow for assembly of large, compound documents
b) maintain an audit trail of actions completed on a document
c) render documents into many formats.
d) incorporate encryption technology for digital signatures.
e) create holds on documents for impending legal action.

e) create holds on documents for impending legal action


A _____ allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the internet.
a) VPN
b) SSO
c) MFA
d) COM
e) RFI

a) VPN


____ allows customers and vendors to transfer information into each other's data files
a) USB drives
b) Encryption
c) E-Mail
d) EDI
e) Authentication

d) EDI


Magnetic tapes, USB drives and external hard drives are all examples of ______ storage.
a) off-line
b) centralized
c) near-line
d) cloud
e) on-line

a) off-line