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The main purpose of _____ is to enable an application to work better by preserving a history of Web pages a user had visited previously.
a) cookies
b) portals
c) attributes
d) categorization
e) taxonomies

a. cookies


A widely used coding scheme that specifies bit patterns for computer-processible information is:
c) XML
e) PDF



File _____ software enables the user to visually organize file names and directories.
a) builder
b) optimization
c) manager
d) directory
e) audit

c. manager


A management information system designed to handle large volumes of routine, recurring actions is a(an) _____ system.
a) applications-processing
b) transaction-processing
c) operations-processing
d) executive support
e) routine support

b. transaction-processing


A(An) _____ specifies the location of publicly available information on the Internet.
a. search engines
b. uplink
c. URL
e. PDF

c. URL


_____ can cause internal computer power problems in an office.
a) A modem dysfunction
b) A circuit overload
c) Encryption
d) Pitted Disk Syndrome (PDS)
e) Dual core processors

b. a circuit overload


In addition to conformity with records retention schedules, a RIM audit may consider:
a) staffing numbers
b) security of records
c) RIM budget
d) disciplinary procedures
e) job descriptions

b. security of records


When evaluating a new ECM, the most important element to consider is the:
a) color of the source documents
b) location of existing records
c) effectiveness of the new system
d) intrinsic value of the records
e) amount of space saved

c. effectiveness of the new system


When using ____, physical storage spans multiple servers and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company.
a) cloud storage
b) file share
c) ECM
d) record center
e) LAN

a. cloud storage


Some organizations make the decision not to map all ESI but only data they deem:
a) a risk to the organization
b) inactive
c) active
d) recoverable
e) professional in nature

a. a risk to the organization


Changes in _____ can render previously recorded information unusable.
a) migration
b) servers
c) software
d) retention
e) users

c. software


Categorization software products employ synonym lists, pattern matching algorithms, word clustering, and word _____ to analyze a document’s content and identify key words for indexing purposes.
a) dictionaries
b) proximities
c) images
d) counts
e) rules

b. proximites


ISO ______ is a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal, physical, and technical controls involved in an organization's information risk management processes.
a) 15489
b) 74009
c) 89541
d) 27001
e) 26773

d. 27001


What type of photographic negative should never be frozen while attempting to stabilize water damage?
a) gelatin dry plates
b) collodion wet plates
c) acetate
d) nitrate
e) silver halide

a. gelatin dry plates

[plates have a photo on them so freezing it will separate the photo from the plate]


____ software typically has no licensing fee, is not proprietary, and permits users access to sources code.
a) Office suite
b) Wiki
c) Enterprise content management
d) Web 2.0
e) Open source

e) open source


A ______ is a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device.
a) voicemail
b) podcast
c) wiki
d) blog
e) firewall

b) podcast


Systems designed to create, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information in electronic form are:
a) ISO
b) ECM
c) SQL
d) RMA
e) ERP

b) ECM


In conducting a requirements analysis for ECM systems, the key departments involved should include: a) legal, marketing and sales
b) legal, compliance, RIM, and IT
c) library services, compliance, and marketing
d) human resources, compliance, and accounting
e) human resources, accounting and marketing

b) legal, compliance, RIM and IT


A(An) ____ microform scanner supports high-volume digitization of micro images.
a) production-level
b) reader-printer
c) microfilm reader
d) offline COM
e) enlarger printer

a) production-level


A web portal is an example of a(an):
a) method of content management
b) web page
c) integrated database
d) portable document format
e) convenience copy

b) web page


____ is used when there is no backward compatibility or an export/import gateway to move records from a legacy application to a new system.
a) Deletion
b) Copying
c) Migration
d) Reformatting
e) Transfer

c) Migration


For document security purposes, a thin label with a programmable integrated circuit and antenna is a ____ device.
a) radio frequency identification
b) barcode
c) magnetic tracking strip
d) range searching
e) remote diagnostic

a) radio frequency identification


A faint pattern added to a digital image for identification purposes is a:
a) document map
b) tag
c) watermark
d) markup
e) highlight

c) watermark


Virtual private networks are used by many businesses and government agencies because they provide:
a) free access to the internet
b) intranet technology
c) the ability to create virtual documents
d) website security
e) safe business to business transactions

e) safe business to business transactions


______ is the function of document imaging that requires the most planning, customization, and quality control.
a) Scanning
b) Indexing
c) Sorting
d) Filing
e) Batches

b) Indexing


Tasks associated with operating a document imaging system would not include:
a) indexing
b) document preparation
c) refiling
d) silver recovery
e) quality assurance

d) silver recovery


Converting hard copy records to an electronic format:
a) requires minimal technical expertise
b) ensures 100% retrieval ratio
c) eliminates the need for a retention schedule
d) will not be effective if there are non-standard sized documents
e) increases the speed of retrieval while decreasing storage space

e) increases the speed of retrieval while decreasing storage space


The investigative phase of litigation when the opposing party can obtain access to recorded information believed to be relevant to its case is:
a) spoliation
b) reference activity
c) court investigation
d) pre-trial discovery
e) continuity

d) pre-trial discovery


One of the most significant differences between Web 2.0 and traditional Web 1.0 is greater____ among internet users.
a) stability
b) collaboration
c) confidentiality
d) intelligence
e) privacy

b) collaboration


Transfer of record ownership takes place during the __________process.
a) Legal Review
b) Business Review
c) Disposition Review
d) Audit Review
e) Archive Review

e) archive review