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The term _____ data refers to the records remaining in the old system after replacement.
a) limitation
b) obsolete
c) deleted
d) legacy
e) legal

d. legacy


_____ is a set of open standards for tagging information so that it can be transmitted via Internet protocols and readily interpreted by disparate computer systems.
a) JPG
d) XML
e) SQL

d. XML


The acronym RAID is a:
a) Read Archival Institutional Data
b) Redundant Assortment of Insufficient Data
c) Redundant Array of Independent Disks
d) Reassignment Authenticity Independent Data
e) Reassignment Audit of Insignificant Data

c. Redundant Array of Independent Disks


_____ is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other communication channels.
a) Malware
b) Phishing
c) Pirating
d) Spamming
e) Benchmarking

b. Phishing


Data _____ are designed to support decision-making in an organization so queries and analyses can be performed without disturbing the content of data in native applications.
a) archives
b) centers
c) captures
d) warehouses
e) platforms

d. warehouses


_____ is a mathematical process performed by special computer software for scrambling plain text and other digital information for security purposes
a) Phishing
b) Discovery
c) Emulation
d) Encryption
e) Coding

d. encryption


_____ is the extent to which a given recordkeeping medium retains its physical and chemical properties, or the period of time during which the medium remains useful for its intended purpose.
a) Media stability
b) Media conversion
c) Life expectancy
d) Native format
e) Migration

a. media stability


A data backup technique in which data recorded on disk drives is copied onto identical media for ease of restoration is:
a) cropping
b) mirroring
c) vaulting
d) spoliation
e) outsourcing

b. mirroring


A statement formulated by a person seeking information from a recordkeeping system defining the information or records sought is a search:
a) structure
b) taxonomy
c) query
d) production
e) request

c. query


_____ is the process of two or more people or organizations working together to complete a task or achieve a goal.
a) Reporting
b) Planning
c) Decision making
d) Collaboration
e) Operationalization

d. collaboration


The most common size microfilm used for filming business documents is:
a) 105mm
b) 35mm
c) 8mm
d) 22mm
e) 16mm

e. 16mm


Records may be removed from a decommissioned system only:
a) if the system manager feels they are no longer needed.
b) if they have not been migrated to a new system.
c) in accordance with retention schedule guidelines.
d) when the activity the system supported is completed.
e) following implementation and testing of a replacement system.

c. in accordance with retention schedule guidelines


Phishing schemes and viruses are typical _____ issues.
a) version rendering
b) vendor management
c) planning and deployment
d) archival
e) security

e. security


Which of the following is used by the operating system to track data scattered on a disk?
a) Search tools
b) Log files
c) File allocation tables
d) File servers
e) Protocols

c. file allocation tables


A limitation of the ___ systems development methodology is that information learned in one phase requires cycling back to a previous phase.
a) waterfall
b) agile
c) unified
d) collaboration
e) rapid

a. waterfall


A ____ is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated or learned from.
a) server
b) device
c) pattern
d) prototype
e) standard

d. prototype


To ensure that information in a system is available to users within anticipated time frames, it is important to set specific system ____ requirements.
a) disposition
b) documentation
c) recovery
d) back-up
e) performance

e. performance


A graphic display of the logic and flow of processes that helps analyze how problems occur and how processes can be improved is a:
a) Gantt chart
b) flowchart
c) histogram
d) Pert chart
e) Project diagram

b. flowchart


When evaluating outside vendors for aservice, creating a(an) ___ is considered an informal approach in gathering data.
a) assessment
b) RFI
c) Requisition
d) FTP
e) SOP

b. RFI


The agile systems development methodology:
a) initially creates a list of features and then builds the system feature by feature.
b) employs five clearly defined development steps.
c) requires frequent meetings of all participants
d) involves a very small team that performs all systems development work.
e) stresses continuous learning and just-in-time decision making

c. requires frequent meetings of all participants


Robotics, vision systems, natural language processing, learning systems, and neural networks are examples of:
a) machine learning
b) knowledge management
c) complex systems
d) competitive intelligence
e) artificial intelligence

e. artificial intelligence


Image quality in video conferencing is affected by the:
a) size of the monitor
b) experience of the users
c) number of sites
d) transmission bandwidth
e) transmission media

d. transmission bandwidth


______ identify the top-level abstractions that underlie IT systems and allow the architectures of existing and future systems to be compared.
a) Meta models
b) Systems configurations
c) Reference models
d) Survey diagrams
e) Taxonomies

c. Reference models


A ____ strategy, used when upgrading software, allows testing a working version of the new system prior to organizational deployment.
a) governance
b) parsed
c) direct cutover
d) pilot conversion
e) parallel conversion

d. pilot conversion


A knowledge base consists of:
a) facts, images, and interface.
b) facts, assumptions, and rules.
c) answers and assumptions.
d) answers and logic.
e) probabilities and outcomes.

b. facts, assumptions, and rules.


A benefit of presentation graphics software is the ability to:
a) prepare text easily
b) impress an audience
c) integrate with images
d) display data in charts and graphs
e) insert hyperlinks to other documents

e. insert hyperlinks to other documents


One component of the system development life cycle (SDLC) is:
a) strategy
b) design
c) retention
d) storage
e) retiring

b. design


The sequence of events in a project that takes the longest time to complete is the:
a) constraint
b) backward pass
c) critical path
d) duration
e) noncritical path

c. critical path


A table of contents for an electronic storage medium is a (an):
a) pointer
b) directory
c) ASCII table
d) file hierarchy
e) vocabulary

b. directory


Question 1
_____ systems are designed to capture, route, and organize electronic documents on an enterprise-wide scale.
d) CAD
e) DMB