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A CAR system is a:
a) thesaurus based on a subject classification system
b) system that enables efficient retrieval of microfilmed images
c) computerized archive system
d) tracking system used to locate hardcopy records
e) barcode to gather additional data from designated records

b) system that enables efficient retrieval of microfilmed images


The difference between open-shelf filing units and vertical file cabinets is:
a) there are no maintenance costs associated with open-shelf units
b) open shelf provides more filing inches (centimeters) per unit of floor space
c) vertical file cabinets provide easier access to files
d) file guides cannot be used in open-shelf filing units
e) confidential files should never be stored in vertical file cabinets

b) open shelf provides more filing inches (centimeters) per unit of floor space


Magnetic tapes, USB drives and external hard drives are all examples of _____ storage.
a) off-line
b) centralized
c) near-line
d) cloud
e) on-line

a) off-line


A ____ may manifest itself as metadata in structured database fields.
a) record
b) taxonomy
c) template
d) random topic
e) record copy

b) taxonomy


_____ is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it.
a) storing
b) identifying
c) classifying
d) encrypting
e) filing

d) encrypting


A(an) _____ is primarily intended to manage the life-cycle of information from initial publication or creation all the way through archival and eventual disposal.
a) CAR system
b) Accession
c) Database
d) direct access system
e) ECM system

e) ECM system


A table of contents for an electronic storage medium is a(an):
a) pointer
b) directory
c) ASCII table
d) file hierarchy
e) vocabulary

b) directory


The usefulness or significance of records based on purposes other than that for which they were originally created is:
a) primary value
b) secondary value
c) a record series
d) file integrity
e) alphabetical

b) secondary value


_____ is the technique of organizing files under the last few digits of an identifying number, and then sequentially by any preceding numbers.
a) Alpha-numeric
b) Numeric
c) Terminal digit
d) Hierarchical
e) Classification

c) terminal digit


A(An) _____ filing system eliminates the need for an additional index.
a) indirect access
b) metadata
c) direct access
d) terminal digit
e) alphabetical

c) direct access


_____ is the function of document imaging that requires the most planning, customization, and quality control.
a) Scanning
b) Indexing
c) Sorting
d) Filing
e) Batches

b) indexing


Tasks associated with operating a document imaging system would not include:
a) indexing
b) document preparation
c) refiling
d) silver recovery
e) quality assurance

d) silver recovery


When evaluating a new ECM, the most important element to consider is the:
a) color of the source documents
b) location of existing records
c) effectiveness of the new system
d) intrinsic value of the records
e) amount of space saved

c) effectiveness of the new system


Converting hard copy records to an electronic format:
a) requires minimal technical expertise
b) ensures 100% retrieval ratio
c) eliminates the need for a retention schedule
d) won’t be effective if there are non-standard sized documents
e) increases the speed of retrieval while decreasing storage space

e) increases the speed of retrieval while decreasing storage space


_____ is information created, manipulated, communicated, stored, and best utilized in digital form, requiring the use of computer hardware and software.
a) ESI
b) PDF
c) XML
d) USB
e) RTF

a) ESI


A datacenter will typically contain all of the following except:
a) redundant power supplies
b) records storage shelving units
c) environment controls
d) security devices
e) data communication connections

b) records storage shelving units


When using ____, physical storage spans multiple servers and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company.
a) cloud storage
b) file share
c) ECM
d) record center
e) LAN

a) cloud storage


When you create a document in Microsoft’s PowerPoint the native format is a:
a) DOCX file
b) USB drive
c) PPTX file
d) paper copy
e) imaged copy

c) PPTX file


A _____ is a federated repository for all the data collected by an enterprise's various operational systems.
a) laptop
b) file share
c) file room
d) data warehouse
e) offsite records center

d) data warehouse


The phase of e-discovery when potentially responsive documents are identified for further analysis and review is:
a) identification
b) preservation
c) collection
d) processing
e) review

a) identification


Alphanumeric filing systems typically use _____, with users locating file headings through a hierarchical or alphabetical list that indicates the code used for filing or retrieval.
a) direct access
b) indirect access
c) diagrams
d) uniform classification
e) cartographic material

b) indirect access


A ____ system is used to access information on microfilm.
b) COM
c) LAN
d) CAR
e) CD

d) CAR


_____ can allow or deny access to a physical or an electronic environment.
a) An audit
b) VPN
c) Security badges
d) Firewalls
e) Access Controls

e) access controls


When properly stored, _____offer superior stability of recorded information requiring permanent preservation.
a. microforms
b. DVDs
c. optical disk
d. file shares
e. CDs

a) microforms


The electronic counterpart of an in-office filing cabinet is:
a. SaaS
b. storage area network
c. network file server
d. TIF
e. wide area network

c) network file server


Active paper filing and retrieval are most productive using:
a. Vertical cabinets
b. Lateral cabinets
c. Offsite record center
d. Drawer type cabinets
e. Open-shelf filing

e) open-shelf filing


A _____ provides a method to quickly retrieve and view documents at desktop workstations.
b. microfilm system
c. document imaging system
d. CAR
e. conventional filing system

c) document imaging system


Boxes used to store paper records in a record warehouse should be:
a) purchased from an established vendor
b) coated with dry-silver
c) light blue in color to protect it from the heat
d) low-lignin and acid free
e) alkaline based and recycled

d) low-lignin and acid free


Preparing bar code labels or providing storage boxes are considered _____ provided by commercial storage companies.
a) standard services
b) a primary value
c) secured services
d) cost-saving provisions
e) auxiliary services

e) auxiliary services


Automated document storage and retrieval systems employ _____ rather than filing concepts.
a) indexing
b) imaging
c) selection
d) cross referencing
e) posting

a) indexing