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What does recruitment involve?

encouraging qualified people to apply for employment with a firm.


Jeremy, an HR manager, has received an employee requisition for a data analyst job at his firm. Which of the following would most likely help Jeremy determine the qualifications the recruited person needs for the data analyst job?

job description


The recruitment process entails several activities EXCEPT ________.

making a job offer


Job postings and job bidding procedures enable current employees of an organization to ________.

learn about current job openings


The complaint that employees never hear of a position until it is filled can best be handled through a system of ________.

job posting and bidding


By having companies maintain detailed staffing and recruitment records, the EEOC can determine whether a firm's hiring practices are legal.



Online job boards are the most effective method used by employers such as Microsoft and Southwest Airlines to identify top performers.



Many well-qualified employees at Advanced Control were laid off when the firm struggled financially. The firm has actively stayed in touch with these former employees in hopes of rehiring them when the economy improves. Which of the following best supports the argument that Advanced Control should rehire these former employees?

Advanced Control knows the strengths and weaknesses of the employees.


Which of the following is TRUE about contingent workers?

Contingent workers do not have an implicit or explicit contract for ongoing employment.


Which of the following is a characteristic of an effective corporate career Web site?

promotes the firm in a positive tone


Employers and employment agencies are using Weblogs to ________.

conduct background checks of applicants


Jack, an HR manager at an electronics firm, has been informed that he needs to hire twenty technicians immediately. Which of the following would most likely be the best method for quickly attracting experienced technicians?

radio advertisement


The student placement director at a university helps corporate recruiters in all of the following ways EXCEPT ________.

negotiating salaries and benefits


A representative from an executive search firm would most likely ________.

interview a client's managers about the required job qualifications


Which of the following is LEAST likely to be offered by a professional association?

reduced headhunter fees


What is the primary reason that employers use sign-on bonuses?

attract talented workers in high-demand fields


HealthCorp has an immediate need for an experienced IT manager. The firm's HR manager has decided that the best external source for the position is the firm's competitors in the labor market. Which of the following methods would most likely be LEAST effective for HealthCorp?

competitive games


Erin is presently employed as a public relations specialist at a news organization. Erin enjoys her job and the company. Recently, Erin learned of an available position at an advertising agency that sounds interesting. Erin is gathering information about the position, although she is unsure whether leaving her current job would be wise. Which of the following best describes Erin?

passive candidate


________ is the period of time that permits many firms to evaluate an employee's ability based on established performance.



The selection process typically begins with the ________.

preliminary interview


What are the two possible outcomes of a good selection decision?

a qualified candidate is offered employment or an unqualified candidate is not offered employment


Hiring the wrong person is time consuming but has little monetary or emotional impact on the firm and its employees.



Which of the following should NOT be requested on a job application form?



Modern job seekers should use keywords to ensure that their résumés are not immediately discarded by a firm's applicant-tracking system.



A student takes an IQ test one week and scores 140. The student retakes the test one week later and scores 90. Which of the following best describes the test?



During the selection process for a telemarketing position, Alex was given a test to measure his awareness of the job's duties. Which type of test did Alex most likely take?

job knowledge


Robert, an HR manager, is preparing to interview candidates for a software engineer position. Which of the following is LEAST likely to appear on Robert's interview planning checklist?

prescreening additional applicants with behavioral selection tests


What does the unstructured interview involve?

asking candidates probing, open-ended questions


The HR manager at a manufacturing plant is required to use E-Verify to check the information provided on each employee's ________.



A growing number of firms use social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to investigate the backgrounds of potential employees.