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For Mark, list the author, date, and place written.

Writer:Mark became Peter’s interpreter and wrote accurately all that he remembered
Date Written: Between the 40’s-60’s
Place Written: Rome; most likely
Written To: Most likely Gentile Romans


For Luke, list the author, date, and place written.

Writer: Luke
Date of Writing: Late 50’s-early 60’s

Place of Writing: “No agreement exists among scholars about the most likely place that Luke wrote his Gospel…” (Pg. 86)

To Whom Was it Written: “It is relatively clear, however, that wherever he wrote it, it was intended for Christians who had a pagan background.” (Pg. 86)


For John, list the author, date, and place written.

Writer: The belief that John, son of Zebedee, one of the
Original twelve apostles, Wrote the Fourth Gospel

Date: The traditional view puts
the writing of John’s gospel
in the AD 90’s.”
Place: in Ephesus


Explain information about Mark's writings.

Mark relied on the apostle Peter for his information…

Mark wrote what he remembered leaving nothing out or making false statements.

Mark’s writing was episodic – ‘writing down single points.’

Mark was not striving for “order” but for accuracy.


What are distinctive features of Luke?

1st Distinctive: emphasis on “God’s dealings with the world

2nd Distinctive: focuses on Jesus as Savior of the world.

3rd Distinctive: special interest in the events of Jesus’s early life and of Mary.

4th Distinctive: the place of women in Jesus ministry.

5th Distinctive: special interest in the work of the Holy Spirit.


What are the 3 features of the divinity of Christ emphasized in John's gospel?

First – Jesus divine qualities and essence

Second – Jesus as unique divine messenger

Third – Jesus’ fulfillment of Israel’s and OT’s hopes and needs..