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The management function concerned with guiding the activities of employees in the appropriate direction is:
a. organizing
b. planning
c. influencing
d. controlling
e. producing

b. planning


Who is known as the "father of scientific management"?
a. Frederick Taylor
b. Chester Bernard
c. Henry Gantt
d. Henri Fayol
e. Lillian Gilbreth

a. Frederick Taylor


A list of specific activities that must be performed to meet minimum expected requirements is a job:
a. specification
b. analysis
c. description
d. evaluation
e. log

c. description


The process of developing qualities in employees that will enable them to be more productive is:
a. recruitment
b. selection
c. testing
d. performance appraisal
e. training

e. training


_____ involves securing and allocating financial resources to accomplish program goals.
a. budgeting
b. planning
c. directing
d. investing
e. evaluating

a. budgeting


In _____ budgeting, all expenses must be justified for each new period.
a. financial control
b. resource
c. revenue
d. zero-based
e. fixed cost

d. zero-based


A bar graph with time on the horizontal axis and the resource to be scheduled on the vertical axis is a:
a. Gantt chart
b. budget
c. PERT chart
d. decision table
e. strategic plan

a. Gantt chart


____ is a firm's intention, beyond its legal and economic obligation, to do the right thing for society.
a. Regulatory responsiveness
b. Social responsibility
c. Stockholder protection
d. Social engineering
e. Environmentalism

b. Social responsibility


A ____ helps an organization transform itself by focusing on organizational effectiveness, improvement, and development.
a. manager
b. ombudsman
c. financial liaison
d. change agent
e. project analyst

d. change agent


A ____ is a written declaration of an organization's core purpose and focus.
a. vision
b. mission statement
c. strategic plan
d. logo
e. trademark

b. mission statement


The length of the payback period is necessary to calculate:
a. capital gains
b. internal rate of return
c. net present value
d. return on investment
e. external rate of return

d. return on investment


Ethical behavior in the business world is:
a. not related to a person's religious convictions and personal philosophy
b. constant from employee to employee
c. the responsibility of rank and file employees rather than top management
d. rarely evident in larger corporations
e. often based upon a value system demonstrated by top management

e. often based upon a value system demonstrated by top management


A RIM orientation program for new employees should include:
a. how to process payroll
b. instructions on employee performance appraisals
c. procedures for the destruction of records
d. implementation of grievance procedures
e. how to conduct a records compliance audit

c. procedures for the destruction of records


In addition to conformity with records retention schedules, a RIM audit may consider:
a. staffing numbers
b. security of records
c. pay levels for employees
d. disciplinary procedures
e. job descriptions

b. security of records


___ and acquisitions are commonly done to expand a company's reach, expand into new segments, or gain market share.
a. Divestitures
b. Trademarks
C. Bankruptcies
d. Mergers
e. Spin-offs

d. Mergers


To counter change resisters, managers should:
a. request transfers for those unwilling to change
b. show how the change is working and reiterate why the old ways did not work
c. revert back to the original method until the loss is so great any change would be welcome
d. promise rewards to those who embrace the change
e. continuously report to senior leaders the ill effect of negativity in the workplace

b. show how the change is working and reiterate why the old ways did not work


ISO ____ recognizes the global importance of systematic recordkeeping and international applicability of records management principles.
a. 170557
b. 90143
c. 15489
e. 14337

c. 15489


___ are quantifiable measures used to track and assess the status of specific RIM activities.
a. Audits
b. Schedules
c. Certificates
d. Benchmarks
e. Metrics

e. Metrics


The idea that work should be organized around outcomes and not tasks or functions is basic to the concept of:
a. reengineering
b. time-based competition
c. core competencies
d. quality circles
e. organizational architecture

a. reengineering


The sequence of events in a project that takes the longest time to complete is the:
a. constraint
b. backward pass
c. critical path
d. duration
e. noncritical path

c. critical path


The process of keeping the organization's activities on track is:
a) planning
b) controlling
c) managing
d) delegating
e) organizing

b) controlling


_____ focuses on increasing employee loyalty to the company by providing a job for life with a strong focus on well-being of the employee.

a) McGregor’s Theory X and Y
b) Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory
c) Ouchi’s Theory Z
d) Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory
e) Deming’s Quality Theory

c) Ouchi's Theory Z


Organizational objectives:
a) impact capital expenses of the organization.
b) belong in a collaboration tool.
c) reflect the goals of the organization.
d) impede innovation.
e) foster creativity in the workplace.

c) reflect the goals of the organization


Authority is the:
a) reason good employees leave.
b) right to make decisions.
c) exercise of power.
d) equivalent of personal power.
e) responsibility of an assigned task.

b) right to make decisions


Cash flow refers to the _____ of cash receipts minus disbursements from a given asset or group of assets.
a) size
b) operation
c) opportunity costs
d) speed
e) time and amount

e) time and amount


The cost/benefit method comparing the investment of two projects against a third is the _____ method.
a) net present value
b) payback analysis
c) return on investment
d) cash flow
e) budget

a) net present value


Quality is best described as:
a) running as efficiently as possible.
b) the amount of time for a complete cycle to occur.
c) the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind.
d) creating the best possible product.
e) the amount of effort it takes to complete a task.

c) the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind.


The performance appraisal process should include comparing the _____ to performance outcomes.
a) job posting
b) number of documents created
c) number of discipline notices
d) job description
e) wage analysis

d) job description


Incorporating suggestions of users as well as policy makers into revisions of the manual is part of the _____ of the RIM program.
a) audit
b) maintenance
c) editing
d) distribution
e) archiving

b) maintenance


Which of the following could make the advocacy case for a RIM program?
a) The number of desks with file drawers.
b) Having more paper records than digital records.
c) Inability for IT to close helpdesk tickets.
d) Crises and disasters.
e) Downsizing trends.

b) having more paper records than digital records