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What is suicide?

The act of killing yourself


What is assisted suicide?

Don’t have to be terminally ill


What is voluntary euthanasia?

Allows doctors to administer the lethal drug to end one’s life


Where is assisted dying legal?

US states of Washington and Oregon


Where is assisted suicide legal in?

Switzerland (e.g. Dignitas clinic)


Where is voluntary euthanasia legal in?

Netherlands and Belgium


What did Jonathan Glover say about the difference between voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide?

‘It is the final act is performed by someone else BUT it is hard to see why it matters in principle who actually puts the pill in the mans mouth’

Nevertheless, he also argues that ‘If assisted suicide is possible, it always to be preferred to voluntary euthanasia... where the person does not perform the final act himself, there is always more room for doubt and the last minute might not take it’


In which year was the suicide act?

The suicide act of 1961


What did the suicide act of 1961 state?

Decriminalised the act of suicide. Still illegal to assist a person in taking their own life.


In 2006, who brought out the Assisted Dying Bill?

Lord Joffe made an attempt to legalise assisted dying between 2003-2006.


Who brought the case to the high court to seek further clarification of the law?

Debbie Purdy in 2009


Who allowed the Assisted Dying Bill to allow terminally ill to have an assisted death?

Lord Falconer


Who introduced the assisted Dying Bill based on Lord Falconer’s Bill in 2014?

Rob Marris the MP


When was the last time to debate about the Assisted Dying Bill?



What stated in the Assisted Dying Bill?

- only terminally ill
- 2 doctors certify to end a persons life gives prescription to assist suicide
- patient firm and settled intention


Rob Marris say about the Assisted Dying Bill

"The Bill would provide more protection for the living and more choice for the dying"


Fiona Bruce say about the Assisted Dying Bill

" We are here to protect the most vulnerable in society"
AGAINST assisted dying bill


What is Assisted Dying?

Only applies to terminally ill, mentally competent adults and requires the dying patient, to self administer life ending medications.


Geoffrey Whaley case for Assisted suicide

British man,80 who died at Dignitas due to motor neurone disease. He said " The law in the country robbed me of control over my death"


Diane Petty case for Assisted suicide

She had motor neurone disease and she wanted to control the time and manner of her death. The court rejected her right to die because "They said that the right to life did not include the right to die". She took her case to the European Court of Human rights and argued that her right to life included to choose when she could die. But they said that the ban on assisted suicide was to protect society.


Tony Nicklinson for Assisted dying

Had a stroke in 2005 which caused to become paralysed and could only move his head and his eyed. He asked the High Court to state that it would be lawful for a doctor to help his end his life. If they refused, he wanted them to state that the current law was incompatible with his human rights.


Prof A.C. Grayling: Assisted Dying should be legalised

'Against sanctity of life'
Only right to live if the quality of life is worthy.
Religious beliefs were preferred over scientific treatments and society has moved on.


What is autonomy?

Being in control of one's own life and any decisions made.


Sanctity of life argument

Life is sacred and god-given.
Based on biblical ideas:
-Life is set apart of the God
- Innocent life is to be respected. Taking a life is simply killing. 'Thou shalt not kill'.
- Life is always to be loved and protected.


What does the roman catholic church say?

Says that by accepting euthanasia contemporary society has undetermined the sanctity of life and developing a 'culture of death'


What is the weak sanctity of life?

The Christian weak sanctity of life argument does not consider that killing out of love is morally equivalent to murder. Murder implies an ulterior motive.


Quality of life principle

a) The rejection of the sanctity of life principle
b) Happiness at the basis for the quality of life
c) Autonomy at the basis of the quality of life


Rejection of the sanctity of life

John Locke's notion that the value of life depends on a person's ability to have desires and preferences and not the on some mystical 'enduring self' or soul.


Happiness as the basis for the quality of life

A person's happiness outweighs his or her unhappiness. A bad quality of life depends is a life in which unhappiness or pain outweighs happiness.


What is autonomy at the basis of quality of life?

John Stuart Mill developed the liberal principle in his influential book on liberty. A liberal society avoids ‘tryrannising’ the minority by the majority and aims to maximise personal freedom wherever possible. Mills form of liberalism suggests taking one’s own life is a matter of personal autonomy. The only reason for interference is causing harm to others.